Artist Makes Star Wars Scenes Out Of Thrift Store Paintings During Quarantine

An Ohio artist has taken to transforming reclaimed thrift store artwork during the ongoing lockdown by adding some familiar Star Wars imagery.

An artist has made Star Wars scenes out of thrift store paintings during quarantine. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has undeniably altered lives, and the process of lockdown is a challenge both mentally and financially for so many. During this difficult time, many people have discovered the importance of distracting themselves, be it through cooking, exercising, reading or multiple other pursuits.

Netflix and other streaming services have also been more popular than usual lately, and so far there have been some very creative artistic interpretations of popular film franchises and TV series’ from restless fans. No one can really say how much longer lockdown and quarantine will be necessary – though there is hope from some of the hardest hit areas in the world in terms of relaxing the current measures. Still, despite the current reality, people everywhere are doing their best to maintain some semblance of normality during the coronavirus crisis, with some using their skills and talents to help entertain the rest of us.

One such person is Ohio artist Dave Sherrill. Using works of art obtained from thrift stores, Sherrill carefully adds his own images, thereby completely transforming the original paintings. Most recently, Sherrill posted a Star Wars themed painting that he did in this manner to his DaveRuinsArt Reddit page. The painting, which depicts a battle scene from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, can be seen below. It’s officially titled Mandalorian Standoff and can be purchased as a print from Sherrill’s online store Arrowhead Vintage & Handmade Goods.

As you can see, the addition of Star Wars characters, weapons, and spacecrafts adds a lot to what was an otherwise generic looking painting. Sherrill has numerous other Star Wars paintings done in this style at his web store, all of which are available for purchase. In addition to being very well done, the prints are also quite funny – especially when one considers that the original works of art were never created with Star Wars in mind. The ongoing pandemic has made financial matters stressful for so many around the world, and this stress is particularly worsened for those who previously made their living through hand crafted goods or other artistic pursuits.

In fact, the price of the prints ($15) makes them perfect for every Star Wars fan – even those who may be on a tight budget. Sherrill isn’t the first artist to have employed the technique of adding to an otherwise unwanted painting. World-renowned street artist Banksy did the same thing many years ago. For Star Wars fans who want to add a touch of humor to their walls, as well as a glimpse at a galaxy far, far away during these quarantined times, Sherrill’s art has plenty to offer.