Fraggle Rock: Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Movie Is Dead

Shockingly for enthusiasts of Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock, the component film created by and featuring Joseph Gordon Levitt is no longer being developed.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Fraggle Rock film is dead. Initially made by the late, incredible Jim Henson in 1983, this to some degree bizarro rendition of The Muppets had a littler yet no less devoted after than that of Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy.

The Fraggle Rock TV arrangement ran for five seasons – a peculiar kind of black market translation of what more should be possible with the sort of real to life puppeteering that had made Henson’s Muppets so well known. At the point when the five seasons reached a conclusion, the Fraggles proceeded to star in a wide assortment of media, from kid’s shows to funnies to appearances in the Muppet-drove Muppet Family Christmas TV film. In any case, for quite a long time after their brilliant period faded away, the Fraggles were to a great extent overlooked by the general population, aside from their devoted fanbase. The Muppets, then again, have kept on getting a charge out of many recoveries, however as of late, things have calmed somewhat. In any case, some felt that the Fraggles were in equivalent need of a portion of the consideration that the Muppets have been getting. Recently, it was uncovered that an element film was on its way. The film was apparently being delivered by and featuring Gordon-Levitt.

Shockingly for Fraggle Rock fans, be that as it may, it doesn’t look as if a full length film will occur all things considered. In an ongoing meeting with Variety, Gordon-Levitt talked about the idea of carrying the Fraggles to the big screen and how it is done something that he’s progressing in the direction of getting along. Refering to the presence of Apple TV+’s Fraggle Rock TV arrangement, Levitt clarified that there are such huge numbers of tasks in Hollywood that are being developed, and in spite of the difficult work of many, once in a while things simply don’t work out. When inquired as to whether Fraggle Rock was all the while occurring, this was Gordon-Levitt’s reaction:

“No, they did a show with Apple, which I haven’t seen however anticipate looking at it. There’s such a large number of tasks that are being developed. Some get into the press for reasons unknown and some don’t. We as a whole invest parcels and loads of energy chipping away at parts and bunches of things that don’t turn out to be genuine. This was one of those.”

The Apple TV+ arrangement, Fraggle Rock: Rock On!, showed up in the last 50% of April, and keeping in mind that it hasn’t actually overwhelmed crowds or pundits, it has fared sensibly well. In any case, if the arrangement is the exchange off that Fraggle Rock fans must make due with instead of a component film, it’s conceivable not a good trade for some. Obviously, essentially in light of the fact that Levitt is not, at this point engaged with attempting to get a Fraggle Rock film off the ground doesn’t imply that it will never occur. This is particularly evident if The Jim Henson Company finds there’s sufficient enthusiasm for the TV arrangement to justify venturing into different roads. At the present time, that is a hard call to make, however fans would do well to remain positive with respect to the establishment’s prospects.

In the event that a Fraggle Rock highlight film proceeds sooner or later, it’s likewise worth recalling that it probably won’t occur at any point in the near future. It’s baffling to consider somebody to be capable as Levitt step away from what could have been an intriguing task, however the truth is that there are a lot of skilled entertainers in Hollywood, a significant number of which could likewise work admirably of heading up a Fraggle Rock film. For the time being, devotees of the establishment should agree to viewing the most recent Fraggle emphasis on Apple TV+.