20 – 10 – 20: Dear Nigerian Government, We Will Never Forget This Day – Alexx Ekubo

Today marks an extremely heartbreaking day that Nigerians will perpetually recall and regard on the grounds that on this prominent day, the blood of our legends, families, companions, spouses, wives, and youngsters… were forfeited for the development and destruction of debasement in this unassuming country.

In that capacity, Nigerians including some Nollywood entertainers have emerged on the loose to pay tribute to our blameless Nigerians who lost their lives. One entertainer was spotted holding the valuable banner of this country and another holding a dissent postcard where ‘END SARS’ strikingly composed on it.

While transferring this image on the web, he added a profound subtitle where he let the Nigerian Government know that Nigerians at large will always remember a day like this, adding tragic emoticon that addresses the banner of this country.

He expressed: “Dear Nigerian Government, we will always remember this day.

We will give back in kind. The Work of our legends past won’t ever be to no end. I actually keep up with that Lekki Cost square ought to be renamed Lekki Commemoration Way and remain complementary for eternity.

We settled completely with our blood. Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta. #EnoughIsEnough #SoroSoke #EndSars #ReformNigeria #EndSarsMemorial 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬.”

In any case, a couple of moments after he posted this image and subtitle on his page, Nigerians have taken to the remarks segment of the post to respond successfully and underneath are a portion of the screen captures showing individuals’ responses:

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