3 shocking details about Steven McQuay’s murder


In September 2019, Steven McQuay’s passing in Arkansas grabbed the eye of the local area because of it’s unusual conditions. McQuay, a 56-year-old dad, was seen as pounded into the ground inside a pickup truck. An examination then unwound stunning insights regarding the likely inclusion of medications.

One of the casualty’s companions, William Weston Moon, purportedly beat him the tar out of over a rucksack and afterward with the help of one more companion misled specialists about what occurred prior to admitting to the wrongdoing. Moon confessed regarding the homicide, yet has not been let out of jail.


An impending episode of ID’s The Homicide Tapes further digs into the subtleties of Steven McQuay’s killing. The episode named The Body in the Truck will air on the channel this Tuesday, April 11, at 11:00 pm ET.

“In Jonesboro, Ark., specialists explore the demise of Steven McQuay after his gravely pummeled body turns toward the rear of a pickup truck; when the consequences of the casualty’s toxicology report show up, the whole examination dives into a tailspin.”Steven McQuay’s homicide: Three speedy realities to be familiar with the passing of the Arkansas father,

Specialists, after getting a bizarre emergency call from somebody named Dan in the early long periods of September 8, 2019, tracked down the gravely beaten dead group of Steven McQuay at around 4:00 am in the secondary lounge of a pickup truck. The one who settled on the decision at first professed to have found the casualty inside a truck claimed by William Weston Moon.

Reports express that Dan then, at that point, told specialists Moon was at a close by general store prior to guaranteeing that they found the casualty in a side of the road ditch.

According to them, they likewise stacked him into the truck and just settled on the 911 decision in the wake of arriving at his home. Yet, when specialists found Moon, he let them know that the person in question, McQuay, was a dear companion.

McQuay’s fiercely beaten body recommended a battle among him and the aggressor. Specialists understood that he supported the majority of the beatings to the head and midsection region. In the interim, different injuries and marks revolved for the most part around his face with scratches on his arms. An examination uncovered a gigantic lung cancer that probably cracked during the assault alongside a lot of meth in his framework.

Police tracked down a rucksack alongside a few devices, including a screwdriver, crowbar, tire iron, and a hypodermic needle in the truck. They likewise saw an absence of blood inside the vehicle or in the close by encompassing region, which proposed that the killing happened in a better place.

Upon thorough cross examination, Dan conceded that he, McQuay and William Weston Moon were together the midday before the mother. The three men got some blue Xanax pills prior to social occasion at a house in provincial Craighead Region, Arkansas, where McQuay and Moon got into a battle after the casualty attempted to leave with the other’s rucksack.

Dan guaranteed that McQuay initially went after Moon with a screwdriver before an all out fistfight broke out between the two. Moon supposedly punched McQuay to the ground prior to beating the last option with something he got from the truck and thumping him oblivious. Both Dan and Moon were then approached to take off from the house after which they stacked the body into the truck and arrived at the objective where the police tracked down the body.

Moon later admitted to the killing and let specialists know that he even attempted to infuse Meth into McQuay’s body believing that it could awaken him.

The Homicide Tapes on ID will reveal further insight into Steven McQuay’s homicide this Tuesday.