3 things to know about Delbert Shafer’s murder case


At the point when Delbert Shafer, a Leetonia father-of-three and policeman, was seen as lethargic in his home, specialists accepted he died of regular causes. This was until a nitty gritty examination uncovered unexplained wounds to his head predictable with obtuse power injury. The sole suspect for the situation was his child David, who was living with Shafer at that point and was quick to think that he is inert.

A resulting examination uncovered David’s savage past, his resentment filled fits, and a few different bits of proof which persuaded specialists to think that he went after his dad and passed on him to die while he cleaned the crime location and afterward misled specialists. The blamed was accused of homicide, among different charges, yet later conceded to lesser allegations and was condemned to 14 years in jail.


Delbert Shafer’s 2018 awful passing is planned to highlight in an episode of ID’s Detestable Lives Here this Sunday, April 30, at 8:00 pm ET. The summation for the impending episode, I Will Constantly Be Frightened of Him, peruses as:

Delbert Shafer was tracked down lethargic by his child David in his Leetonia, Ohio, home on January 14, 2018. The child asserted he called 911 yet the casualty was at that point dead when clinical help showed up. Specialists at first accepted he died of normal causes, however a resulting post-mortem decided the reason for death to be from obtuse power wounds to his head, trunk, and limits.

Shafer’s child, David, who quickly turned into a suspect in the homicide case, was supposedly free from jail, but still under supervision in Pennsylvania. The previous took him in at the time since he had no place to remain in any case. Reports express that he was recently sentenced subsequent to being accused of different robbery, endeavored thievery, getting taken property, and burglary related charges.

Upon doubt, specialists examining the homicide case directed a pursuit of Delbert Shafer’s home where they observed that his whole weapon assortment was absent. The greater part of them were subsequently recovered from a secret room which was disguised with a table, a heap of books, and different items. They likewise discovered that David had allowed his 18-year-old relative a portion of those lower-esteem guns.

The casualty’s family later informed specialists concerning David’s savage nature, outrage filled fits, and how he had been “manipulative and resistant” even since he was a youngster. Shafer’s ex and the suspect’s previous step-mother Deborah Williamson additionally uncovered that according to the passing endorsement, the rough time between the wounds and the hour of death was hours.

Toward the finish of the examination, specialists inferred that Shafer was gone after by his child David that day, who then scoured the crime location and let him die of deadly wounds as opposed to calling for clinical help. He additionally deceived specialists about bringing his attendant companion over to beware of his dad and just called 911 after his dad had died.

David Shafer in the end conceded to willful homicide, having weapons under handicap, and messing with proof in January 2021 and was condemned to 14 years in jail thusly.