A Time to Kill on ID: What happened to William Walker?


The homicide of William Walker was an exemplary yet sad illustration of how one’s eyes and psyche play stunts. William Walker and Uloma Curry-Walker seemed like the ideal couple, however what happened in the colder time of year of 2013 remaining their local area stunned and the police puzzled.

William Walker was shot dead external his home on November 3, 2013. He was getting back subsequent to getting supper. As indicated by reports, his better half Uloma was quick to call 911.


After specialists arrived at the area, they found that the casualty was as yet alive. Tragically, he surrendered to his wounds soon after. The driving force behind this evil plot was, in all honesty, William’s significant other, Uloma. An impending episode of An Opportunity to Kill will narrative the homicide of William Walker exhaustively. The episode, named Legend Sold out, will be delivered on April 13, 2023, at 9 pm on ID.

William Walker was a lieutenant in the Cleveland Local group of fire-fighters. He lived on the east side of the city of Cleveland, Ohio. He was a modest man and was cherished and regarded by the neighborhood local area. He was separated however had two youngsters from his past marriage.

Subsequent to meeting Uloma, they dated for a long time before at last getting hitched. Reports recommend that Uloma was fighting late-stage bosom disease. Since her clinical protection was not adequate to cover the consumption, William chose to wed his sweetheart so she could share his advantages.

Nonetheless, this story totally changed when William was killed without a second thought external his home. He was shot multiple times in the chest, which brought about his passing. The police before long started their examination and observed that Uloma’s way of behaving was fairly particular. They steadily found that Uloma had maximized a few of William’s Visas without his insight.

There were even a few bits of proof of Uloma involving his late spouse for cash. The police even observed that her bosom disease determination was obviously false. In any case, this was sufficiently not to blame her for homicide.

The specialists chose to compensate any individual who could give them data about the homicide. A man named Enrique Ramos appeared and let the police know that an individual named Chad Padgett had moved toward his companion Isiaha Solomon to kill William Walker in return for cash.

After Isiaha affirmed the story, the police checked Chad Padgett’s wireless records and found that he was habitually in contact with two people named Jacqueline Hines and Ryan Dorty. While Hines’ was Chad’s better half, Dorty was a notable miscreant to most policemen.

The police looked further and found a message Chad had conveyed professing to have a body. This was adequate to have him acquired for cross examination. He owned up to his wrongdoings after his DNA was found to match that found at the crime location.

He uncovered that William’s better half, Uloma, moved toward him and his sweetheart with a plot to kill the lieutenant. Someone else named Christopher Hein engaged in the arrangement and reached Ryan Dorty to complete the shooting.

Ryan Dorty was at last the one to pull the trigger. Uloma needed to request her significant other’s passing to gather protection cash. She was before long condemned to life in jail without any chance to appeal in 2017. Chad, Hines, Christopher, and Dorty were additionally condemned for their contribution in the wrongdoing.