Ahmad Rashad is Married to Wife: Ana Luz-Rodriguez. Kids.

Ahmad Rashad is a name that you might be know all about assuming that you are a devoted avid supporter, explicitly with regards to American football. Notwithstanding, a few more established fans might know him more through his original name Bobby Moore.

The competitor has two names in light of the fact that a year after he entered the Public Football Association, he changed his name to Ahmad Rashad on the grounds that he turned into an Islam lover. This might be widely known for before devotees, however this is as yet unclear to those of the new age.


His expert NFL vocation began in 1972 when he was drafted fourth in the general selection of players by the St. Louis Cardinals. He was set at the wide collector position and has since been in the job until his retirement from the game.

Following 10 years of taking part in the most amazing stage in all of football, the athlete chose to eliminate the protective cap and leave playing. However, his enthusiasm for the universe of sports has not dwindled, and he turned into an investigator and pundit for the NBA and the NFL.

Who is Ahmad Rashad’s better half? We’ll answer his own and heartfelt life inquiries in the article underneath.

Ahmad Rashad has been Hitched to his Better half, Ana Luz Rodriguez beginning around 2016
It is really realized that the athlete has the right stuff to win against ladies. It is an easy decision to become hopelessly enamored with somebody like him of his athletic abilities, looks, physical make-up, and extraordinary fortune.

Ahmad Rashad’s better half, Ana Luz Rodriguez, got her heart charmed by the previous football player during their long stretches of seeing one another. After a couple of seconds of dating, the couple at last chose to make it official between them so they would become Mr. and Mrs.

Ahmad Rashad’s significant other said a magnificent yes when the games expert requested her hand and turned into her caring accomplice for quite a while. They secured the bunch at a wonderful spot in Palm Ocean side Province, encompassed by dear companions, partners, and relatives.

They carry on with a calm and quiet life away from all the show the pundit has had in his day to day routine. He and Ahmad Rashad’s significant other may not be the most vocal games couple, however we as a whole realize that they have a sweet and blissful relationship as husband and spouse.

Ahmad Rashad’s Previous Connections
The football star is a remarkable playboy for adoration, particularly when he is still thriving years. He had four bombed relationships prior to finding the one individual he needed to enjoy his days with.

Deidre Waters She is the principal spouse of the VIP, and they had a youngster during their experience as darlings. They got married back in 1969 and spent an early part of their life showing friendship to each other. Matilda Johnson The subsequent significant other of the competitor, Matilda, bore two children with him when they were still attached. Nonetheless, because of unanticipated conditions, they went their ways three years subsequent to getting hitched in 1976. Phylicia Ayers-Allen She is the most remarkable spouse of the star since she had the longest relationship with him, crossing right around twenty years. Their separation likewise got many by storm, yet it was a charming memory.
Deal Johnson Prior to meeting the great Ana, the sportscaster wedded Deal Johnson. Their affection went on for something like six years before they threw in the towel. Ana Luz Rodriguez’s Memoir We as a whole realize that the couple isn’t the most straightforwardly sharing lovebirds in the business, so it’s nothing unexpected that there is practically zero data in regards to Ana Luz Rodriguez. Nonetheless, it is accepted that she is an expert working in medication as a therapist.

Ahmad Rashad’s Children It isn’t not difficult to follow the number of children he that has with every one of the connections he had previously. Undertakings additionally added to the quantity of kids he had with different ladies. In any case, on record, the examiner is accepted to have five children. His little girl Keva was born out of his adoration for Deidre. After which, it was followed up via Sean, who had with an anonymous lady during his relationship with Waters. He had Maiyisha and Ahmad Jr. at the point when he was with Matilda Johnson.

Finally, he had her little girl Condola with his previous long-lasting spouse, Phylicia.