Ajooni 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer questions Ajooni & Avinash’s relationship

Scene 1 Ajooni is holding Avinash’s hand, that’s what rajveer sees so she leaves his hand. Ajooni gets some information about Aman. He says she is available cycle a cure. Avi leaves from that point. Ajooni asks Rajveer how is Aman? Rajveer scowls at her and says you don’t dare so don’t artificial, in the occasion you minded then you definately shouldn’t have left her. Ajooni says I went to fill the shape. Rajveer says Aman is innocuous so I confided in you to deal with her anyway you let her be, she got trapped in a lift anyway you expected to hang out with your mate.

Ajooni says no.. Rajveer says my misstep that I confided in you. You utilized Aman to satisfy up with that doctor. Ajooni says don’t say that. Rajveer inquires as to for what reason didn’t you illuminate me that this doctor arrived to our home sooner than also? I’m not an imbecile. The doctor comes there and says we are endeavoring, he requests that Rajveer convey a few meds. Rajveer tells Ajooni that Aman is on this present circumstance because of you. Don’t you even exchange from here until I return once more, he leaves from that point. Ajooni is mischief and cries.


Bebe comes back again staying and is stirred up about her inheritor. She requests that Cart name Aman. Cart says Aman went to the clinic. The worker says she got stunned by electrical energy that is the reason they took her to the emergency clinic. Bebe asks Cart how did this happen? Cart says Ajooni is behind this, she went to the medical clinic along with her. Bebe requests that she name Ravindra. She calls him and asks the spot is Aman? You were unable to deal with her? Ravindra says she blacked out inside the lift so presently the doctor is treating her. Bebe asks the spot is Ajooni? Ravindra says that woman is inadequate. He closes the choice. Harvinder and Shikha are concealing inside the emergency clinic. She tells him to not take anyone’s name. Harvinder says you’re reasonable, we’ll rapidly deal with Aman.

Ravindra includes Ajooni and asks how may you permit Aman alone? Ajooni says exclusively victims might enter the hoist. Ravindra says you’re incapable, I pardoned you and, surprisingly, slapped my companion for you anyway you’re a hazardous sign for us. You left Aman when she needed you, I received’t extra you assuming that something happens to Aman’s kid. Ajooni cries paying attention to that. Scene 2 Cart tells Harman that I expected to hurt Ajooni exclusively anyway Aman acquired inbetween. Harman says our objective is Ajooni anyway you’re a moron.

Ravindra converses with the clinical specialists, Avinash says I accept someone purposefully did this with Aman. The top doctor says it was great Ajooni and Rajveer saved Aman essentially in time. Ajooni opened the hoist sooner than something might happen to Aman. Ravindra expresses sorry to Ajooni and says you saved her life all together that is great. All look on.

Aman awakens, Ajooni and Avinash come to her. Aman is crying so Ajooni asks what happened? Avi says she was in no way, shape or form pregnant. Ajooni is stunned and inquires as to for what reason did you lie? Aman says I had no other option, I was unable to allow my better half to wed someone else, I did what I may. Avinash says we will’t cover this any longer. Aman says do one thing in some other case I’ll complete my life.

Bebe petitions Mata Rani for their inheritor, she says don’t take this gift from us, if it’s not too much trouble, safeguard Aman. Avinash lets Ravindra know that we were unable to save the baby. Ravindra yells how might you say that? Rajveer says you expected to save the newborn child. Avinash says we were unable to save the newborn child as need might have arisen to be saved first. Ravindra says this Ajooni is liable for this. Avinash says she had an injury as well so don’t fault Ajooni. Rajveer shows up on.