“Apostle Suleiman once engaged her” Halima Abubakar’s manager spills juicy details

The conflict between entertainer Halima Abubakar and premier minister, Messenger Suleman isn’t finishing at any point in the near future.

The entertainer who has been left out of commission following her quarrel with the priest has been hauling the righteous man for purportedly torturing her.

Since her re-visitation of Instagram following quite a while of nonappearance, Halima hauled the Missionary as she took steps to unveil more privileged insights via virtual entertainment in the event that anybody attempted to menace her.

Uncovering how she met the profoundly respected clergyman of God, Halima guaranteed she met him as an isolated finance manager with three children. She further uncovered that their relationship was quite a while back.

To disprove the questioning Thomas, Halima shared more screen captures to back up her cases.

Following the stunner, the entertainer has been laid up.

Her family alluded to the ailment being from the minister as they promised to consider him answerable on the off chance that anything happened to her.

“Johnson Suleman imodu. Assuming anything happens to our sister, you going down”.

In any case, regarding the matter, Halima’s director who has been dealing with her Instagram page since she fell wiped out has dropped more subtleties on their relationship.

Vowing her undying help for Halima, she uncovered that the Witness drew in the entertainer as he gave her a ring.
“I’m not my sister. I’m her director, so we should be directed pls. Essentially being human is as yet a thing. I will remain with her. I will battle for her. We are joined for her. We will see you in court Johnson Imodu. You gave my sister a ring for the wellbeing of God”.

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