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This week, @tenayas_msjenny a TikTok client, shared a video that became famous online. Mr Lemay, an American secondary teacher, stuns his understudies by moving in the school jungle gym in the recording. Mr Lemay dives in and tells the understudies unequivocally how to execute the notorious ‘Jerk’ dance move after they endeavor (and neglect) to achieve it.

Shockingly, the video has been seen north of 27 million times on TikTok, with many fans acclaiming the instructor on his musicality.

Following that, Mr. Lemay, a lead educator, and grounds culture chief expressed that while he didn’t need for the video to become viral, he is “not disturbed” that it did.

Austin Lemay’s moves are unbelievable, and the understudies are in astonishment as he aces the viral method. ‘At the point when Mr. Lemay out jerks the understudies,’ remarked the TikTok client in the inscription, most likely a partner educator at the school.

The jerk dance is a road moving schedule that remembers crossing your wrists for front of your chest and has been well known for north of 10 years.

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Further, the tune ‘You’re a Jerk,’ which is utilized in the viral TikTok video, was delivered in 2009 by the hip-jump bunch New Boyz. Individuals on TikTok are totally dazzled with the video and have been remarking on it. Sadly, Austin Lemay’s Instagram account has not been disclosed as of now.

In any case, TikTok lovers encouraged that the popular Mr. Lemay make his own TikTok account, which he has done. You might follow the educator @mr.lemay on TikTok on the off chance that you like his developments.