Avery Slatcher GoFundMe raises over $50,000 after Pinecrest High School teen is stabbed


On Friday, April 28, Pincrest Secondary School understudy Avery Slatcher was cut after she supposedly endeavored to cut off a friendship with the anonymous culprit. Slatcher made due however was left in basic condition after the episode. Family companion Erika Nickel has begun a GoFundMe to help Avery Slatcher’s family members in assisting her with getting the clinical consideration she really wants.

The pledge drive, which intends to raise $75,000, has raised more than $54,000 as of May 1. The culprit of the wounding has been kept by police, however the examination is presently continuous.


WRAL detailed that the wounding happened at around 8:45 am in the parking garage of the Pinecrest Secondary School theater building. Avery Slatcher was cutting off a friendship with the culprit, who is said to have wounded her on numerous occasions accordingly.

Nearby specialists said that specific understudies made a move and gambled with damage to themselves to keep the suspect from harming any other individual. They said that the suspect endeavored to run away from the area, however a few understudies halted him. A while later, specialists were called and the school was put on lockdown. Responders continued to transport Avery Slatcher to the UNC Clinic in House of prayer Slope.

The Slatcher family said thanks to the local area for the manner in which they answered the occurrence, as well as the help they are getting as Avery Slatcher recuperates in the emergency clinic.

“Our family is very appreciative for all of the help that has come from the local area in such countless ways. There are no words to depict the appreciation we feel, similarly as there are no words to portray the misfortune that has happened to our loved ones.”
The family additionally mentioned that understudies and different individuals from the local area don’t spread reports in that frame of mind of the episode, as it might risk affecting the continuous examination.

They additionally added that Avery’s kin are currently at the school, and they don’t believe they should continually catch wind of the attack from different understudies.

After the attack, a parent proposed that the school execute a program to assist understudies with managing different feelings in a helpful manner. The expectation is that by helping the teenagers, they can stay away from eruptions of savagery that come from relationship issues or different conditions.