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Bertrand Cantat killed his sweetheart, Marie Trintignant, in 2003. He punched Marie a few times in her mind, which prompted an untreatable cerebrum injury.

Marie Trintignant was a French film and stage entertainer. She was important for in excess of 30 films during her 36-year vocation. Her family was likewise engaged with the French film industry, as her dad was a capable entertainer and her mom was a chief, screenwriter, and maker.

Who Is Marie Trintignant Killer Bertrand Cantat? Bertrand Cantat is a french vocalist and entertainer who is prevalently known as the previous frontman of the French musical crew Noir Désir. In 2003, he was viewed as at legitimate fault for the homicide of French entertainer Marie Trintignant.

Background information
Birth name Bertrand Lucien Bruno Cantat
Born 5 March 1964 
Pau, France
Genres Rock, Alternative rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician
Instruments Harmonica, Guitar
Years active 1980–present

He was born on March 5, 1964, in Pau, France. He was shipped off prison subsequent to being blamed for killing his better half, Marie Trintignant. She died of a mind injury from a few hits to her head that Bertrand hit.

He served four years until 2007 in jail, which was just around 50% of his absolute sentence. After his delivery from jail in 2007, he rejoined Noir Désir and stayed with the band until it split in 2010.

For what reason Did He Kill His Girlfriend, Marie Trintignant? In 1997, Bertrand Cantat wedded a Hungarian craftsmanship chief Krisztina Rády. He began his issue with the French entertainer in 2003. In the July of that very year, Trintignant, alongside her mom and Cantat, ventured out to Vilnius, Lithuania, to finish the shooting of the French film Colette, Une femme libre.

Trintignant and Cantat were separated from everyone else in the room on July 26, 2003. Everything began when she got a text from her ex. That drove Cantat to seethe irately out of envy. He hit Trintignant seriously in her mind which sent her into a state of unconsciousness. After seven hours, she was found in an oblivious state by the crisis administration group, which the entertainer’s brother sent.

Later on August 1, 2003, she died as a result of mind expanding, which harmed her cerebrum in such a way it was difficult to treat. Her dissection report proposed that she got 19 blows on her head, which is deadly. In any case, Cantat conceded that he had slapped Trintignant multiple times prior to sending her to bed.

About ‘Marie Trintignant – Your wrecked dreams’ Documentary The Documentary about Marie Trintignant, which is named ‘Marie Trintignant – Your wrecked dreams,’ was delivered in 2021 as a recognition for the French by her mom, Nadine Trintignant. The last option is likewise the essayist and head of the Documentary.

She says this is a letter to her tragically missing girl, whom she cherished without a doubt. She said there hadn’t been a day in her life when she hadn’t contemplated her late girl.

The Documentary is generally a 52-minute monolog introduced by Nadine herself.

Attorneys of Bertrand Cantat are attempting to bring down the Documentary involving legitimate powers as it influences the individual picture of the french artist.