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Billy Milligan was an American who was exceptionally promoted in view of his legal dispute in Ohio in the last part of the 1970s. He submitted a few crimes and was subsequently captured as a result of assaulting three ladies on the grounds of Ohio State University. To shield him from additional criminal attacks and set up his safeguard, his analyst analyzed him and inferred that he was experiencing numerous behavioral condition.

His legal counselors pursued that he was going through madness and guaranteed that two of his characters carried out the wrongdoing without making Milligan mindful of it. Billy was the primary individual to be determined to have dissociative personality issue and was the main individual to perpetrate this significant wrongdoing consequently as opposed to going through 10 years in the psychological clinic. Milligan’s biography was promoted by Daniel Keyes who procured an honor for his genuine novel named “The Minds of Billy Milligan”.

HeightNot Available

Billy Milligan Biography

Real Name William Stanley Milligan
Birth Date 14 February 1955
Died Date 12 December 2014
Aged 59 Years
Birth Place Miami Beach, Florida, United States
Nationality American
Profession Criminal
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Aquarius

Physical Statistics

Weight Not Available
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Slim

Billy Milligan Family

Father Johnny Morrison
Mother Dorothy Milligan
Sister Kathy Jo Milligan
Brother Jim Milligan



Relationship Status

Marital Status Single
Affair No
Girlfriend None

Billy Milligan was born fourteenth February 1955 in Miami Beach to his folks. His folks were named Dorothy Milligan and Johnny Morrison. His mom Dorothy Milligan has exclusively a tedious account of her life from wedding one man to another who brought Billy up in such conditions that stunned him and caused him to feel remorseful of being raised that way. Dorothy was brought up in Ohio and used to live in Lancaster with her past spouse with whom she separated right away and later moved to the Miami region. In Miami, she began functioning as an artist and began living with another man named Johnny Morrison. Dorothy and Morrison together had two kids; one was the child who was named Jim Milligan and one more was the girl who was named Kathy Jo Milligan.

Johnny Morrison needed to battle with parenthood. He was not really ready to meet the clinical necessities of the multitude of individuals from the family. He used to follow betting the entire day and used to drink liquor constantly. Afterward, he was hospitalized for intense liquor abuse and sorrow some place in 1958. Afterward, he ended it all, as indicated by Keyes. He was being found by Dorothy stooped over the sable with a half-filled liquor bottle and a vacant container of resting pills on the floor. He died by self destruction by burning-through carbon monoxide harming. After Morrison’s passing, Dorothy moved away from Miami getting back to Lancaster, Ohio with every last bit of her children. She re-wedded her past spouse and the marriage went on for close to 12 months.

In 1962, Dorothy met Chalmer Milligan who turned into Billy’s progression father. Chalmer was at that point wedded to Bernice and was separated on the ground of “gross disregard”. The two of them had a little girl named Challa who was a similar age as Billy and one more girl of Dorothy who is at present functioning as a medical attendant. Dorothy and Chalmer wedded in Circleville, Ohio on 27th October 1963. Later in their marriage, Chalmer was blamed for manhandling Billy. Keyes asserted that Billy had various behavioral condition from a prior age and had not many names like an unheard-of kid, Christene, and Shawn by the age of three, and when he became five years of age, the problem began showing up in him.

Billi Milligan was a criminal who was excessively upset such that his brain was broken into 24 characters. When he seized three ladies from Ohio and assaulted them in the State University Campus Area and said that he did everything for the love. One of the ones who were assaulted told specialists that he was having a German pronunciation however Billi Milligan was born in Florida and was raised in Lancaster and Circleville. Another lady said that he had been sufficient pleasant to her that in the event that she had met him in various conditions she would have been dating him. Milligan’s original name was William yet he used to have various names some of which included Arthur, Christene, Ragen, Adalana, and 19 others.

He was the principal individual in American history who had such an extreme mental issue that he utilized this state for doing savage wrongdoings. Billy was a blamed attacker who had right around 10 characters and impacted the world forever with his name all in Columbus. Truth be told, a few specialists have addressed both the wonder of numerous issues that he used to have and the utilization of it as a legitimate safeguard. Billy was being enrolled as a sex guilty party in mid 1977. He was being distinguished by one of the people in question and from the fingerprints lifted from the casualty’s vehicle. He was blamed for three counts of grabbing, four counts of assault, and three counts of exasperated theft.

He was being inspected by many specialists and eventually, he was analyzed by Turner who presumed that he was experiencing a dissociative personality issue. He went through 10 years in a psychological emergency clinic and later was delivered in 1988 in the wake of going through years in a psychological medical clinic. In 1996, he began going through his time on earth in California. His area stayed obscure for seemingly forever and every one of his associates lost contact with him. He died as a result of malignancy at a nursing home in Ohio at 59 years old. Then again, Netflix is good to go to dispatch the new docuseries by the name of “Beasts Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan”.