‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Emanuel Defends Himself After Being Fired Over Alleged Dog Abuse Video

Ceaser Emanuel won’t return to “Dull Ink Group: New York” after next season.

On Thursday, a delegate for VH1 let TMZ in on that the tattoo expert and reality star has been ended from the show after a video of him evidently mistreating canines appeared to be on the web.


“We have made the decision to cut appends with Ceaser Emanuel from Dark Ink Team New York,” the agent said. “Since next season was close to finishing creation, this decision won’t impact the impending season.”

TMZ tracked down Emanuel after the end, and he expected to settle any falsehood on the video purportedly showing him beating and misusing canines.

“It couldn’t be any more obvious, I know the recording that everybody’s seen, it looks crazy,” Emanuel perceived. “For sure, even me looking at it, it looks crazy, yet it’s a second in time I need to recover.”

He kept, figuring out that he got back home to find his canines pursuing each other, adding, “they were going for each other’s neck, in a general sense endeavoring to kill each other.”

Following letting one of the canines outside, he said he was “troubled and I was terrified” to deescalate the situation, adding, “I was endeavoring to back the canine down. I was sincerely endeavoring to panic him.

Not one time was I endeavoring to misuse this canine. All I was endeavoring to do was get him back in his nook.”

Finally, he added, “I will not prepare no real explanations for myself. I should have acted better, yet that isn’t me, with being severe to animals. I’m not that. What I did was an oversight and that was essentially it.”

Emanuel moreover revealed that he left behind one of the canines, since the two canines couldn’t be together, yet that they are both “strong,” adding that he put the canine through planning school so he could sort out some way to administer it.

Gotten some data about how the recording was spilled, Emanuel said that the recording came from his Ring camera on his home, and that he accepts he was “set up.”