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Mercer is a well known Tiktoker with 1.9 million supporters on the stage. Fans love him for his other-worldly voice and have showered 43.3 million hearts in his recordings. Be that as it may, Bo is as of late getting disdain after the assault charges. Tiktok star Bo Mercer has denined being an attacker.

As of late, Bo otherwise known as Bowie Mercer is confronting charges that he r*ped an individual previously. The Bo Mercer allegations come after a Tiktok client named @tiltedceiling approached as a supposed casualty.

A couple of days prior @tiltedceiling posted a Tiktok with the inscription, ” my r*pist will be on a public television I’m so worn out”. At the point when scarcely any individuals requested to drop the name in the remarks, @tiltedceiling unveiled the individual as “Bo Mercer”.

After the name became public, the video went viral like psycho. Then, at that point, @tiltedceiling posted series of other Tiktoks for certain receipts and screen captures of texts.

Many individuals before long blamed Bo for being a r*pist . Nonetheless, the Tiktoker has denied every one of the claims. The circumstance is as yet being scrutinized. Bo Mercer is around the age of a teen.

However his careful age isn’t known, Bowie appears between 15-20 years of age. Likewise, he is an occupant of Great Britain. As per Bo’s side of the story, he guarantees he was involved with the supposed casualty when he was 14 years of age.

Mercer expressed, “around then I was clearly exceptionally youthful and didn’t have a clue how to deal with a particularly poisonous relationship.” He additionally added that he has totally cut all the correspondence with the individual.

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Besides, Bowie called the allegations “hurtful and false”. He additionally referenced that he has contacted the group of the supposed casualties too. Then again, @tiltedceiling has eliminated the entirety of their Tiktoks.

Bo Mercer has deactivated his Instagram after the occurrence. Evidently, Mercer has been not able to deal with the disdain remarks and messages he is getting right now. In this way, he has even impaired his remark areas.

Moreover, Bo Mercer doesn’t have a Wikipedia too.He is exceptionally well known on the stage for his voice. As a reality, many fans have mentioned Bo Mercer to be a piece of the American Idol. However, his new charges have created a ruckus all over online media. What’s your opinion on the circumstance?