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Cassie Compton, an American young person who has been absent for over 6 years, may have been spotted on a TikTok video.

She was most recently seen in September 2014 and has not come in contact from that point onward.

A TikTok video shot in Stuttgart, Arkansas, shows an individual in the foundation who takes after her face. The video turned into a web sensation instantly.

The Stuttgart County Police are following all leads imaginable to find the missing young lady.

Cassie Compton vanished in September 2014 when she was 15 years of age.

Regardless of an intensive pursuit, the police have not had the option to find her. Her case was practically failed to remember yet a TikTok video has inhaled it back to life.

Here are a couple of realities to think about the Arkansas missing young lady.

Name Cassie Compton
Age 21
Gender Female
Nationality American

Cassie Compton is an American missing young lady from Arkansas who has not been found for over 6 years.

Besides, Cassie Compton disappeared at 15 years old. She will right now associate with 21 years of age right now.

She vanished in September 2014 from Arkansas, United States. Nobody has seen her from that point forward.

Cassie Compton had become a public concern at that point. Her folks and family did all that they could to discover it.

In like manner, her photographs and recordings were circled all over online media. Cassie Compton was viral on Instagram and Facebook.

Furthermore, as of late, she has been suspected to show up in a TikTok video.

The Stuttgart County Police are researching the TikTok video and the spot it was shot. They are making an honest effort.

Be that as it may, no suspects have been found and they have not captured anybody all things considered.

Furthermore, in particular, Cassie Compton is as yet absent. Discovering her is the solitary need right now.

She has been absent for over 6 years now. Expectation she will be brought together with her family soon.