CBP officer accidentally shot and killed during firearms demonstration

A US Customs and Boundary Security official was inadvertently shot and killed while educating a guns course at a Miami-Dade firearm range Wednesday.

The official was shot not long before 11 a.m. at the Path Dells Reach in western Miami-Dade Region, Miami-Dade police said.

He was carried to Jackson Remembrance Emergency clinic’s Ryder ER, where he surrendered to his wounds, police said at a public interview.

Customs and Boundary Security representative Michael Silva affirmed the official worked at the reach and at Miami Global Air terminal, yet didn’t uncover extra data on the shooting.

“All I can say right now is that an extraordinary official, an incredible family and it’s a heartbreaking misfortune, however I’d prefer not to go into individual data as of now,” Silva told columnists, later adding the official was a “father, mate, uncle, distant uncle, extraordinary family only generally around extraordinary person.”

Sources let Nearby 10 News know that the shooting occurred during a “building search preparing.”

Two teachers were leading a showing when one coincidentally shot the other in the chest, the sources said.

Dario Pederajo told the power source he was shooting in the reach when cops encompassed the region and requested everybody to put their firearms down.

“On the police range side it’s primarily Customs and Boundary (Security), they come on Wednesday for training,” Pederajo said. “A few cops came coming up short on the regular citizen side of the reach, where the primary office is, and said somebody had been shot, quit shooting.”

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