“Creepy, cringe worthy and heartless”: Santa Putin video leaves internet appalled

A video of Russian President Vladimir Putin being depicted as St Nick in an enemy of Western misleading publicity video has left netizens horrified. The video showed him wearing a St Nick suit “saving” kids from being raised by homos*xual guardians.

The questionable video of the Russian president dressed as St Nick was made by creation organization Signal. In the clasp, he should be visible trading photos of youngsters’ equivalent s*x guardians for one with male and female guardians. St Nick Putin can likewise be seen giving a kid being raised as a young lady a football, drum set and toy vehicles.


The clasp starts with a kid wanting for St Nick and drawing pictures for him. He can likewise be seen envisioning conventional young men toys and a mother and a dad. In the picture the youngster draws, one can see the kid holding the hands of a man and a lady.

The camera then, at that point, goes to pictures seen around the youngster’s home’s mantelpiece that show “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” who are both male. The kid then, at that point, looks disheartened to see a male kid dressed as a young lady, wearing a jewelry and a headband. The kid continues to discard the photo in disdain.

The camera then shows books with fictitious titles that read-Straight into Gay, Render me, Orientation me and Growing up Gay.

In the wake of composing a letter to St Nick, the kid should be visible setting it over the chimney and nodding off in pink night robe.

As the youngster falls asleep, St Nick, who intently looks like Putin shows up to the kid’s home. The Nutcracker Ballet production’s of the Sugar Plum Pixie, composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, plays behind the scenes as St Nick Putin busies himself by changing the improvements in the home and supplanting the “silly” gives gifts considered to be more reasonable for a kid.

Different things like regular male shoes, a football, drum unit and a sculpture of Jesus on the cross nailed to the wall can likewise be seen on the screen. The picture of Jesus would have been incorporated to examine the apparent doubt of Christian qualities in the west.

Including the upsetting video, “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” who were available in the outlined photo in the house, has been changed to one more picture showing a lady marked as “mother” and a man named as “father.”

The St Nick then looks into the camera and escapes the house. The youngster, who was sleeping, can then be seen alert and getting invigorated over his new toys. A message shows up on the screen that peruses:

Web clients were disheartened to discover that such a homophobic video exists. Many were not amazed by the nation’s shenanigans. Many communicated outrage towards the video. A couple of tweets read: Only a couple of days prior, Putin visited a gathering to fund-raise for a youngsters’ cause. When inquired as to whether he had confidence in Father Ice, what could be compared to St Nick Claus, he answered by saying “obviously, I do. All typical, good individuals have confidence in Father Ice.” This comes after Putin’s military killed somewhere around 450 youngsters in Ukraine.