Dateline: Secrets Uncovered – What happened to Kay Parsons?


41-year-old Laverne “Kay” Parsons was severely killed in a stunning occurrence which was at first remembered to be an instance of burlgery. Be that as it may, as specialists began to look further, the case got murkier and murkier.

In the most recent episode named Mysteries on Natural aquifers Drive, Dateline: Mysteries Uncovered divulged insights about the case loaded up with infidelity and duplicity.

The episode broadcasted on January third at 9:00 PM on Oxygen.

A lady is killed in a home intrusion; her dearest companion and neighbor is shot the next night; examiners uncover upsetting mysteries that recommend the cases might be connected.
Trigger admonition: This article contains data about realistic viciousness.

Kay needed to take care of her untrustworthy spouse. Hailing from the US territory of Pennsylvania, Parsons was a caring mother to her main child, Derek.

Kay, alongside her better half David and their child, moved to Grovetown, Georgia in 2005. She began working at a neighborhood non-intrusive treatment facility.
Kay developed near her neighbor cum associate, Rebecca Singes. As indicated by specialists, it was Singes who plotted the homicide of Parsons.

Albeit the inspiration for the homicide was not unveiled by the examiners, thought Singes, who had an adoration illicit relationship with Parsons’ better half David, may have wished to remove Kay of their lives.

As per a police testimony, a unidentified witness uncovered that Burns requested that he kill Parsons.

Michael Burns, Rebecca’s other child, likewise admitted that his mom had let him know she “wished she knew somebody who might kill somebody for her,” the affirmation states.

The homicide was a thoroughly examined plot, but severe it might have been.

Burns took help from her 19-year-old child Christopher Groves, who hit Kay with a hammar and beat her up with a polished ash. The whole episode was organized as a bulgery, as a gold jewelry and a costly watch were taken out from the crime location. Around the same time, Burn likewise announced bulgery in her home.

Kay’s perishing body was found by a development laborer at 8:45 AM the point at which she was not really relaxing. At the point when the laborer didn’t find a solution at the front entryway, he strolled around the door to track down her lying in a pool of blood, yet alive. He quickly educated the police. Upon assessment, the specialists established that she experienced obtuse power injury to the head and body.

To make the story more trustworthy, Singe organized her own assault. The next day, an obscure assailant shot her in the leg and ran away from the area. He even requested cash. An examination concerning the case uncovered that Burn arranged the assault so she wouldn’t be on the suspect’s rundown.

The mother-child pair, Rebecca and Christopher, confronted capital punishment for their frightful wrongdoing. In Walk 2013, Burns confessed and is right now serving life detainment at the Lee Arrendale State Jail in Alto, Georgia.

At the point when she got back from school, Groves had blood all over and told his mom he “dealt with everything,” Singes purportedly admitted, the oath said.
Singes was condemned to life detainment without the chance for further appeal for the homicide, a lifelong incarceration for the furnished theft, and 20 years for the thievery.