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Derek Lietz is an indicted killer. In the year 2012, he killed his fiancee Maisie McCullough with no regret.

The tale of Lietz has been point by point on Investigation Discovery’s ‘Detestable Lives Here: My Son’s Prisoner,’. Find out about him beneath.

Is Derek Lietz On Wikipedia? Derek Lietz was born to Shelly Lietz on November 13, 1991. This implies, his present age is 30 years of age starting at 2022.

His mother became pregnant with him when she was in her school. Shelly was contemplating to turn into an attendant.

Her young child had an extreme state of respiratory infection and pneumonia. With care and solace from Shelly, he had the option to make due.

Derek has been portrayed as an unshakable man, he had seethed from an exceptionally before age.

He had once harmed a toy farm hauler since his mother would not get it for him. Before long, he started to take on a much more fierce outlook.

His inconsistent conduct got most exceedingly awful after Shelly hitched Robert. Both attempted a great deal to control Derek’s threatening mentality, despite the fact that, it just exacerbated.

As time elapsed, Shelly Maisie McCulloughhad turns into her very own detainee child.

Derek Lietz Killed Maisie McCullough In 2012: Murder Updates In 2022 Shelly Lietz’s child Derek Lietz was accused of killing his life partner, Maisie McCullough on September 7, 2012.

At the point when Derek’s conduct got progressively savage, Maisie had chosen to end her commitment. In any case, Derek got so frantic that he killed his life partner.

Maisie was wounded and slit from her jugular and left in the bath. In the mean time, Derek had gotten away with their young child.

Shelly observed Maisie’s killed body and had informed police about the episode.

The helpless mother helped out the police to find her child, who was missing for some unknown reason with her grandson, Gabe.

The next day, the police had effectively found and captured Derek. He at last took a liable supplication.

Is Derek Lietz In Jail/Prison? Derek Lietz is as yet serving his life in jail. He was confessed to first-degree purposeful crime and in this way, demonstrated blameworthy.

The young fellow was condemned to life detainment in the year 2013. The chance of his parole is exceptionally less.

In the interim, he was additionally accused of requesting murder while detained. Derek had taken a stab at endeavoring a hit on his late spouse’s beau.

As per reports, he paid a fellow prisoner around $4,600, a SUV model vehicle, and an AK-47 rifle. In any case, the plan never occurred.

Derek’s mother is at present dealing with her grandkid, Gabe. She has been avoiding media and the Internet for quite a while now.