Dionne Baugh Husband Shaun Nelson – Daughter Age – Where Is She Now?

Dionne Baugh was 27 years of age when she killed her sweetheart, Lance Herndon, in the wake of having intercourse with him. Spear was the organizer and CEO of Acess Inc., a PC counseling firm. He was a conspicuous piece of the city’s young, rich and compelling individuals.

On the opposite side, Dionne had started to feel unsatisfied with her rural life, and Shaun, her significant other, went for extensive stretches on account of his work. She began observing solace in different men, which in the long run drove her to Lance Herndon.


Dionne Baugh’s Husband Shaun Nelson Dionne Baugh’s significant other is Shaun Nelson. He is a pilot for Air Jamaica. The couple got hitched and this offered Dionne a chance to move and move to Atlanta.

Dionne was born and brought up in Jamaica. She experienced childhood in a joint family and came to Atlanta, Georgia as a portion of her drawn out family members moved there. The possibility of the entire American dream called the young lady to wed Nelson.

Besides, in Atlanta, Baugh quickly began to work at the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. At this point, Dionne and Nelson are separated. Besides, Nelson has remarried and is carrying on with a glad life in Coral Springs, Florida.

Dionne Baugh’s Daughter In 1992, Dionne brought forth her little girl and the lone offspring of the couple. They named her Amanda. In any case, their relationship began disintegrating separated before long.

Amanda Nelson is at present known to concentrate on medication. Her life has taken an altogether different course than her whole family. Where Could Lance Herndon Killer Now be? Spear Herndon was killed by Dionne Baugh, who was his sweetheart. The 41-year-old independent mogul wound up losing his life on account of his 27-year-old darling, Dionne.

Spear had met Dionne in April 1996. Nonetheless, during the hour of his demise, several was going through certain debates. Obviously, Dionne had seen Lance with another lady and made a scene outside his home by persistently beating on his entryway. He needed to call the cops to accompany her away.

Because of the examination, Dionne was charged at legitimate fault for killed and was condemned to 10 years in jail in 2001. In 2011, she was set free from jail and reports say that she remained in Georgia from that point forward. Some case that she moved to dwell around Florida and Kansas for brief time frame.