DJ Cuppy Celebrates Manchester United’s Loss With A 24 Carat Gold-plated Pounded Yam.

After her group, Manchester Joined together, was crushed, Nigerian circle jockey Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, expertly known as DJ Cuppy, shared a photograph of herself partaking in a lavish dinner.

The very rich person’s girl took to Instagram to support herself after their misfortune to Manchester Joined by eating 24 carat gold with beat sweet potato.

DJ Cuppy uncovered her top list of must-dos when she was moving toward her 30th birthday celebration, as indicated by news report.

Dj Cuppy uncovered that she is committing the following part of her life to her loved ones.

The very rich person Otedola’s girl uncovered that she is dedicating the following section of her life to her loved ones.

She would focus on her family and endeavor to be a superior sister and girl.

She subtitled a photograph of herself and her brother, Fewa Otedola, with their mom, Nana Otedola, “This year, I will purposefully be a superior sister and a superior girl.” Work is only that, yet family is forever. This year marks my 30th birthday celebration, and development comes when you quit rationalizing and begin making changes.”