Does Ira Glass Have New Wife? 2022 Update – Anaheed Alani Divorce Explained

Ira Glass is the notable host and maker of the radio and TV series “This American Life.”

He has likewise become related with other NPR programs, including “Morning Edition,” “In light of everything,” and “Discussion of the Nation.”

Having begun in the radio field at an exceptionally youthful age, Glass is one of the veterans and compelling names in the business.

He has additionally won honors like the “Edward R. Murrow Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Radio” and the “George Polk Award” in Radio Reporting with such a noteworthy work foundation.

Ira Glass Wife 2022: Has He Married Again? Ira Glass has not hitched again starting at 2022; in this way, any data on his new spouse isn’t in plain view.

Notwithstanding, he is open with regards to his dating propensities however has not given any insiders on his dating accomplices consistently.

Known for his popular separation from his previous spouse, Anaheed Alani, in 2017, Glass had let the media know that he had begun dating once more.

Notwithstanding, it appears he is as yet considering his choice to get hitched again and begin a family.

He is presently bustling keeping an eye on his works interfacing with his audience members and fans.

Ira Glass and Anaheed Alani Divorce Reason Ira Glass and his previous spouse of Anaheed Alani had formally separated in 2017.

The genuine purpose for Glass’ separation from Alani was their parted from quite a while back. Before the 2017 separation, the couple had as of now isolated three years prior.

Glass detailed that they confronted consistent battles during their time together and, surprisingly, considered it the “Center East emergency” in the house.

The two had gotten hitched in 2005, and their marriage finished in March 2017.

Additionally, their dating life before had likewise confronted steady squabbling. Their separation was alluded to as one of the frightful separations in the business.

Be that as it may, both Glass and Alani had allowed their relationship an opportunity and had gotten hitched.

Tragically, they at last bid farewell following 12 years of marriage however sixteen years of fellowship.