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Donald Craighead was captured outside the DNC settle by the US police.

Donald was captured on Monday morning after the Capitol police on the lookout pulled him over.

He was driving close to the 500 square of South Capitol Street, SW.

Craighead’s Dodge Dakota pickup truck was seen left external the DNC central command about 12 PM.

Donald Craighead is a moderately aged man who is 44 years of age, with no Facebook account.

He is an ordinary resident of the US yet with not an excellent foundation record.

After his capture, it was tracked down that this was not the first run through Donald was getting captured.

His criminal history reaches out back to 1995 when he was accused of phony and burglary.

He was likewise revealed for criminal ownership of a perilous opiate, and many includes of producing awful checks in Missoula, Montana.

The man is fundamentally a criminal with least records of some little criminal demonstrations.

Donald Craighead, as indicated by the Oceanside Police Department, was destitute and lived in an assortment of San Diego urban areas.

The location given by Capitol Police was that of an Oceanside mail center. He has or had a P.O. box at the workplace, as indicated by OPD.

Donald Craighead’s grandma is named Joanne Craighead.

She was the one in particular who came out to discuss Donald, as the vast majority of his relatives appear to be not content with Donald.

She portrayed that Donald objects to racial oppression, and he was consistently that way.

Joanne uncovered that Donald’s dad and everyone in his family attempted to help him, yet there was no answer for the issue.

With his conduct getting more genuine, Donald’s family settled not to live with him.

Furthermore, it was just his grandma who came out to discuss his conduct.

At this point, there are very few insights regarding Joanne. She is by all accounts an elderly person her age between 60-70 years of age.

Donald Craighead was confined by Capitol Police on the assets of a blade, a pike, and other precluded weapons.

Officials saw a pickup truck with “an insignia and other white patriot markings,” as per the report.

Craighead talked about “racial oppressor theory and another verbiage applicable to racial oppression” when police drew nearer, as per specialists.

Rather than a tag, the truck’s tag had a picture of an American banner.

This load of reasons raised doubt about Donald, and police had to capture him.

The charges against him were just with regards to the ownership of weapons and a truck with no tag.

Yet, taking a gander at his set of experiences of criminal records, it is accepted that he may be in genuine authority.

The occasion is as yet being scrutinized, and police haven’t uncovered why Craighead was in Washington, D.C., or on the other hand in case he was plotting any kind of mob.