Double Celebration For Kenny Blaq As He Marks 30th Birthday With New House [photo]

Popular comedian Kenny Blaq spends tens of millions of naira to buy a new home, making him the most up-to-date landlord in Lagos.

The performer, who turns 30 these days, September 30, used his Instagram page to tell his followers and peers of the information.

Kenny Blaq claimed that in spite of trying to maintain the records a mystery, he had determined that once one is blessed by using God, they cannot preserve it a mystery.

He invited his fans and coworkers to enroll in him in thanking God for his blessings.

“I been no wan loud am, but then say whilst GOD bless you, you no fit conceal am.Ejigbo boy don flip landlord for island. Help me thank GOD,” he wrote.

Otorin Kehinde Peter is a Nigerian stand-up comic and vocalist who goes by using the degree name Kenny Blaq.

Blaq started his comedy profession in 2008 and has in view that appeared at some of prestigious comedy indicates both inside and outside of Nigeria, along with I laff with Mc Abbey, Gbenga Adeyinka (Laffmattaz), Ali Baba’s (January 1st live performance) & Fina – Ali, Mc Amana’s (DiSpeakable Me), Cool FM Praise JAM, DAREY’s Love Like A Movie, AY LIVE, Basket (Sierra Leone).