Dustin Kendall Keller has been married to Wife Erin Keller since 2011

The American resident Dustin Kendall Keller, otherwise called Dustin Keller, was once a football player.

He initially acquired unmistakable quality when he was drafted by the group called “New York Planes” Wayback 2008.


Dustin was the tight finish of the said group. He was a previous individual from the gathering “Purdue.” Dustin turned out to be more well known when he joined the group “Miami Dolphins.”

Because of his abilities in sports, he has won a ton of different honors, for example, “The John Mackey Grants” in 2007, “Decent notice All-Big Ten” in 20006, and so on.

Beside that, Dustin was born on the 25th day of 1984, making him 37 years of age starting around 2022. He was a hitched man.

He has a spouse who is exceptionally strong of him named Erin Keller.

Dustin likewise has a little girl named Cruz. Would you like to figure out more about the spouse and children of the previous football player, Dustin Keller?

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Dustin Kendall Keller has been hitched to Spouse Erin Keller starting around 2011 The resigned player isn’t just fortunate in profession life, yet he is additionally fortunate with regards to cherish. He has a spouse who is extremely steady of him named Erin Keller. Tragically, any insights concerning the beginning phases of Erin’s relationship with Dustin are not available on the web.

In any case, as expressed by certain reports, the two had subtly secured the bunch at some point in 2011.

They shared no data about their wedding as they liked to get their marriage far from the media.

Furthermore, as per a few tenable sources, the pair has been hitched for 10 years at this point, and their relationship has been getting more grounded and better every day that cruises by. Erin Keller’s memoir Erin Keller is the spouse of the resigned football player Dustin Keller.Deplorably, any fundamental subtleties like her age, birthday, schooling, early life, and profession are not accessible in that frame of mind as it hasn’t been revealed to general society yet. Dustin Keller’s Children Like this article referenced above, Dustin Keller has a lovely little girl named Cruz Keller. She was born a year after Dustin and Erin got hitched. Cruz is turning a decade old on September 29, 2022.