El Fantasma is Married to Wife Perla Limón Elenes. 2 Kids

El Fantasma is a vocalist of the hit Mexican single, Soy Buen Amigo. El Fantasma is from Mexico and grew up close by his family in the roads of Las Cañas, Durango.

His genuine name is Alexander García, and he was born on December 2, 1989. During his young life, he had a big height and now and then became prodded about it.


Along these lines, his loved ones gave him the nickname El Fanta. The hit craftsman began from humble starting points. Alexander once had some work as a landscaper. He worked there for very nearly six years. While working, El Fantasma worked on his abilities in singing and chipped away at improving. After his diligent effort, he began his vocation in singing. His affection for provincial Mexican music developed significantly more as he rehearsed his specialty. In 2016, El Fantasma delivered the presentation single, Mi 45, which sent off his web-based prominence. This gathered a ton of progress on the web, and along these lines, El Fantasma was an internet based big name. Fans gave him the title “Lord of the Underground” due to his presence in the underground music local area. He then, at that point, delivered his introduction collection, Equipo Armado. Following his presentation, The Ruler delivered more collections. His prominence made his collections, “Vengo an Aclarar” and “En Vivo Desde Badiraguato, Dad’ los Recuerdos, Vol. 1”, rule the Mexican radio waves. El Fantasma didn’t stop there.

The vocalist delivered two additional collections: En El Camino and Dolor y Love. His most recent collection was the Guárdame Esta Noche.

With the rising vocation of the Mexican vocalist, does have opportunity and energy to have an accomplice? Who is El Fantasma’s significant other?

We will respond to this inquiry in this article, so continue to peruse on the grounds that we have all the data you really want.

El Fantasma is Hitched to Spouse Perla Limón Elenes El Fantasma’s delicate and alleviating music, it is nothing unexpected that the Mexican craftsman is currently hitched. El Fantasma’s better half is Perla Limón Elenes. The two partake in a long and prosperous marriage. As per sources, he used to entertain the wonderful lady with his unique music. The two secured the bunch in 2017. It was a little service went to by their loved ones. El Fantasma’s significant other was seen during the 2018 Latin Grammys last November 2018. The vocalist wore a dark tux while the beautiful Perla wore a green dress.

Sadly, there is no accessible data about their relationship. We will refresh these once subtleties of El Fantasma and Perla’s marriage is uncovered to the general population. El Fantasma’s Children The wedded couple’s affection for one another brought about two exquisite children. El Fantasma and Perla are honored with a child and little girl. The lovebirds won’t give data about their youngsters and believe that they should carry on with a confidential life.