Emily Blunt Says She’d Do a ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Sequel ‘in a Heartbeat’: ‘It’s So Fun’

Emily Obtuse needs to return to her Runway magazine prime. The English star, 39, said on The View Thursday that she would be ready for a continuation of her 2006 film Satan Wears Prada, which likewise featured Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and her genuine brother-in-regulation Stanley Tucci.

“The green eye shadow is so sickening, it needs to get another trip. So awful,” Gruff kidded of her personality Emily Charlton, a partner to the scary supervisor of the style magazine, played by Streep. “What’s more, the design — we adored it. I would do [a sequel] instantly to play with those folks once more. It’s so fun,” she added of her costars.


At the point when Hathaway, 39, was on The View last week, she made sense of why she doesn’t think a spin-off of the film (in light of the 2003 novel) is possible.

“I couldn’t say whether there can be [a spin-off movie],” said Hathaway, who played recently added team member Andy in the film. “I simply feel that film was in an alternate period, you know? Presently, everything’s gone so computerized, and that film revolved around the idea of delivering something actual. It’s super unique at this point.”

“In spite of the fact that,” she proceeded, “it is enticing to ponder Andy and Emily expecting to get Miranda her espresso and she’s some place in Europe.

And afterward en route they get Stanley Tucci in Italy, who’s at an eatery. It’s enticing, yet I don’t believe it will work out.”

Hathaway proposed rebooting the film with another cast: “Yet they could relaunch it. They could track down new individuals and do it. Do you suppose they’d allow us to do that?”

Obtuse told Individuals back in 2018 that she didn’t think a subsequent film was possible. “Assuming that everybody did it I would be available,” she said at that point.

“I nearly trust it doesn’t [happen] on the grounds that I think some of the time when you spin-off everything sort of weakens how extraordinary the first is.”

Last year, Satan Wears Prada producers informed Diversion Week by week regarding the chance of a film spin-off. Chief David Frankel said the studio “didn’t request” a spin-off however “we had a gathering where we got out, ‘Whatever might we at any point do in the event that there was a continuation?’ Perhaps it was idiotic; we felt like, no, this story has been told.”

Writer Lauren Weisberger, who composed a subsequent book named Vengeance Wears Prada: Satan Returns in 2013, added, “There have been a ton of discussions about it.

I wouldn’t agree that it’s out of the domain of plausibility.”