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Esther was broadly known as Geoffrey Edelsten’s mom back in her time. Her child Geoffrey was an Australian clinical business visionary who established Australia’s most rumored Allied Medical Group.

Lamentably, Geoffrey isn’t with us today as he died on June 11, 2021. At 78 years old, he is perceived to have died at his loft on St Kilda Road, Melbourne, reports ABC News.

Esther Edelsten Geoffrey Eldesten mother was hitched to her significant other Hymie Edelsten in 1942, according to the source. In the wake of remaining in a 65-year-long conjugal relationship, her better half Hymie died in 2007.

Moreover, Esther had two youngsters (the two children). The senior one was Geoffrey Eldesten, while the more youthful one is Rodney. Edelsten had a big family comprising of nine granddaughters also.

Indeed Esther Edelsten is as of now dead. As per Weekly Times, Geoffrey Eldesten mother died calmly on September 21, 2016, at 93 years old. She had carried on with a liberal and energetic life.

Her senior child Geoffrey had carried the weight of taking care of his mom when she was extremely sick over the last long stretches of her life. Day by day Mail reports that both of them were close. After Esther’s downfall, Geoffrey and Rodney had some significant questions with respect to their mom’s will.

As per Herald Sun, Geoffrey got the greater part portion of the fortune. Esther Edelsten left behind a total assets of more than $50 million. The greater part of her fortune was acquired by her senior child Geoffrey Edelsen.

Geoffrey was worth somewhere in the range of $64 million to $100 million, according to WHO. Edelsten made his fortune in 1971 in the wake of opening his initially electronic pathology business in Australia.