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Gisselle Vasquez, a previous worker at the Yonkers school, has sued the Yonkers school area. The claims were made against the more elevated level staff of the school, one of whom was Evelina Medina.

Giselle blamed the previous head for Robert C. Dodson School of physically irritating her. As indicated by the claim, Evelina Medina made her secretary save provocative photographs of her darling.

Other than Medina, the claim was additionally documented against Edwin Quezada, Sandra Guzman, and Christopher Cassano. Evelina Medina was a head of Robert C. Dodson School, situated in a region of Yonkers Public School.

The 42-year-old made her secretary Vasquez click her uncovered photographs in the workplace. Further, the previous chief more than once discussed her sexual involvement in Giselle. Also, Medina coordinated Vasquez to book a lodging, utilizing Vasquez’s charge card.

The single parent Gisselle supposedly mentioned for her exchange, yet following one month of her solicitation, Medina requested that Vasquez get her Black undergarments. The data in regards to her better half isn’t known to date.

In any case, the extra conjugal relationship next to her significant other has made a ton of issues now. Following a few reports, she is physically disappointed with her significant other. What’s more, the insights concerning her family are kept mystery to date.

Evelina figured out how to meet her secretary with her sweetheart and his brother as the previous chief needed the single parent to have a relationship with his brother. Further, there is no data if Medina has nurtured a kid or not however Giselle Vasquez is a single parent of a six-year-old.

The photographs sent by Evelina to Vasquez are viewed as evidence of the claim recorded against the previous head. As per Giselle, Evelina made her to save her beau’s unequivocal photographs a few times. What’s more, Vasquez had to tap the half-exposed photographs of Medina.

Evelina Medina has not been captured to date. Yet, with the claim recorded against her for the charges of lewd behavior, she has a higher likelihood to get captured whenever seen as blameworthy.