Fact Check: Is Daz Black dead? Death claims debunked amid illness report


Daz Dark, a famous English gamer, as of late turned into all the rage after netizens expected he had died according to claims made in a TikTok video. Notwithstanding, on Tuesday, January 17, the gamer tweeted from his authority Twitter account and shared that he really wants to “go home for the days,” as he is experiencing serious food contamination, in this way exposing the demise tales.

A netizen @eksservr shared a TikTok video on July 26, 2022, that energized these bits of hearsay about the gamer having died. The video highlighted a brief look at Daz Dark on an exciting ride. The client added a subtext that puzzled everybody.


“Daz games has unfortunately died… Here’s the recording.”

It means a lot to take note of that this video was from very nearly five months prior and the gamer has been dynamic on every one of his virtual entertainment accounts from that point forward.

His last Instagram post was dated December 28, 2022, and he shared a story on the stage on January 16, 2023. On Twitter, Daz’s most recent tweet is from January 17 and on YouTube, his latest video was transferred on January 15.

Daz Dark’s new tweet about his wellbeing left his supporters worried as they wished the gamer a quick recuperation.

Daz at first acquired prevalence on the long range interpersonal communication site, Plant, a short-video facilitating stage. The YouTuber likewise posted improv shows and engaged his fans. Nonetheless, he rose to standard noticeable quality when he started sharing screen-recording of his interactivity and added entertaining editorial behind the scenes.

This isn’t whenever a demise first scam has arisen encompassing Daz. In 2018, bits of gossip spread that the YouTuber could have died. Fans and devotees started to get some information about his whereabouts. The gamer common an update affirming that he was alive and away in London, going to a couple of debuts. He guaranteed fans that recordings and live streams will be coming up on his virtual entertainment accounts soon.

Daz Dark likewise as of late imparted his insight on Andrew Tate’s capture. He tended to the disputable powerhouse blamed for illegal exploitation and s*x wrongdoings and said:

“Most ladies wouldn’t go close to you on the off chance that you were made of gold, Tate, and on the off chance that they truly do choose to commit the horrible error of getting with you, they understand they would rather not be a slave.”
The YouTuber likewise made a video in which he responded to clasps of Andrew Tate discussing his treatment of ladies and his ideas of how he accepts ladies ought to be treated by others.

The 37-year-old YouTuber has north of 8 million supporters on YouTube, around 581k devotees on Twitter, and 938k adherents on Instagram. His content incorporates gaming recordings with amusing analysis and response recordings.

Daz Dark began his YouTube venture in 2014 and at first just transferred gaming recordings. Afterward, he likewise began responding to specific patterns and web-based entertainment characters, with which he soar to notoriety.