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Fanie Fondse is another face for the media. He asserts himself as the investor of the save bank. We should learn everything about Fanie Fondse. As per news24, Fanie Fondse is a save bank investor. Fondse was seen at the Sexwale’s gathering.

He was perched on the second line of the meeting corridor, and he gave explanations supporting Sexwale. Fondse had laid criminal accusations against president Cyril Ramaphosa expressing the misrepresentation and defilement.

Ramaphosa’s previous organization Sandukha was given the delicate to assemble schools by Free State Education Department. In any case, Fondse claims that there could have been no delicate opening and no structures have been assembled at this point.

Fanie Fondse is another face for media, and no such data about him is distributed at this point. In any case, taking a gander at him, we can expect that Fondse is in his fifties. There is no Wikipedia page of Fondse.

There is no data about Fondse’s family found on the web. Since he drives an unobtrusive way of life, his initial life subtleties, including family foundation and parentage, stay neglected.

There is no data about Fanie’s occupation and total assets. He asserts himself as a hold bank investor, and he as of late has laid criminal accusations against president Cyril Ramaphosa. As indicated by IOL, Fondse was another innovation engineer at arms organization Denel.

Tokyo Sexwale has guaranteed that the cash Fondse had produced using the legacy store is absent from the South Africa Reserve Bank (SARB). He guarantees the specialists are engaged with the asset missing. Public Treasury and bank both have wouldn’t assume the fault.

All things considered, they have distributed a notification saying he may be defrauded. Yet, Fondse, who had as of late laid criminal allegations against president Ramaphosa for defilement and misrepresentation, trusts Sexwale is valid.