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Albert Victor Adamson Jr. was a renowned movie producer. He was born to an entertainer, chief, and maker, Denver Dixon and Dolores Booth.

His interesting ghastliness and taking advantage of films like ‘Psyco A-Go-Go’, Satan’s Sadist’ assisted him with setting up a good foundation for himself in media outlets.

Fred Fulford killed Al Adamson bitterly. The two quarreled about the cash, and out of huge covetousness, Fred hit Adamson with a substantial item.

In 1999, Fred showed up being investigated for the main degree murder of AI Adamson. Following four years of the occurrence, the investigators asserted the reason for Adamson’s homicide.

Fred covered Adamson’s body in the wake of killing him to benefit out of his name. In any case, Fred conceded to imitation, prevarication, and abusing Adamson’s cash.

He continued to deny killing him. He depicted himself as blameless and continued to keep up with the hold himself under that edge of honesty.

Following a month and a half of preliminary, the jury took under two hours to demonstrate Fred liable. In March 2000, 25 years of detainment had condemned to him.

The 72 years of age killer is presently at the California Health Care Facility in Stockton. He was qualified for parole in 2016 in any case, the board denied it for quite a long time.

He will confront a parole hearing in June 2024. Fred was the project worker in Adamson’s Real State.

At the point when police discovered Al Adamson’s body, Fred had the option to avoid the conviction. Fred was a live-in project worker of Adamson.

He got a capture warrant. The arrangement among Fred and Adamson was that Fred would do the work, stay there, utilize Adamson’s Visa for each need.

Furthermore, the benefit would be parted between them produced using the deal. Adamson manhandled and overspent which, let him lose his life. Police captured Fred in mid-August 1995.

The police got Fred from the Coral Reef Hotel in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Cash has been the justification behind the vast majority of the wrongdoings that occurred.

There is no data on Fred Fulford’s total assets. In any case, he was a live-in worker for hire of Al Adamson, whom he killed fiercely.

Fred should go through his time on earth in absence of extravagance, which had driven him to kill his associate. Adamson was hitched to a famous actor Regina Carrol.

He chose to end his vocation in media outlets and moved to land. After his significant other’s passing, she invested the greater part of the energy alone on his property in Nevada.

His brother acknowledged him beyond reach for quite a long time and revealed him missing. After the missing report, just everybody saw that he was not in touch with anybody.