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Frederick Walter Stephen West, known as Fred West was an English chronic executioner who submitted something like 12 killings somewhere in the range of 1967 and 1987 in Gloucestershire. A significant number of these homicides mirrored Fred’s sexual corruption; there was an example of assault, servitude, and torment before the killings. He had a sexual interest in his own girls and tormented and killed two of them, helped by his significant other.

The team was captured a few times yet was absolved because of an absence of proof. West lethally suffocated himself while confined on remand at HM Prison Birmingham on first January 1995, at which time he and Rose were mutually accused of nine killings, and he with three further homicides.

Fred West took birth on 29th September 1941 with the genuine name of Frederick Walter Stephen West in Much Marcle, Herefordshire, England. He was British by identity and British-white by

Celebrated Name Fred West
Age 80 Years
Nick Name Fred
Birth Name Frederick Walter Stephen West
Birth Date 1941-09-29
Gender Male
Profession British Murder Suspect
Nationality British
Place Of Birth Much Marcle, Herefordshire, England
Birth Nation England
Ethnicity British-white
Race White
Religion Christian
Horoscope Libra
Father Walter Stephen West (1914-1992)
Mother Daisy Hannah Hill (1922-1968)
Brothers John West
Marital Status Married
Spouse Catherine Costello ​ ​(m. 1962; murdered 1971)​ Rosemary Letts ​(m. 1972)
Children 5
Sexual Orientation Straight
Source of Wealth Serial killer career
Body Type Average
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Links Wikipedia

nationality. Essentially, his religion was Christian and his race was white


. Fred ultimately praised his 53rd birthday in the September of 1994. According to his birthdate, his zodiac sign was Libra. West was born as the main enduring youngster to his dad, Walter Stephen West (1914-1992), and his mom, Daisy Hannah Hill (1922-1968). Fred was from a helpless group of farmworkers, affectionate and defensive together; his dad was a stickler, and his mom was overprotective. By 1951, West’s mom had brought forth eight youngsters, six of whom endure, however Fred was forever his mom’s top choice.

Discussing Fred’s schooling, colleagues review him as messy, faint, lazy, and routinely in a difficult situation. For the duration of his life, he remained barely proficient, yet showed a fitness for woodwork and work of art. He left school in December 1956 at age 15, at first functioning as a worker at Moorcourt Farm.

Fred and his brother John oftentimes associated at an adolescent club in neighboring Ledbury by 1957, where his particular and throaty Herefordshire emphasize marked him as a “country folk”.

His 13-year-old sister, the Kitty, told her mom in June 1961 that Fred had been assaulting her since the past December, and had impregnated her. Captured that very month, he openly conceded to police he had been attacking youngsters since his initial adolescents and inquired, “Doesn’t everyone do it?” He was taken a stab at ninth November at Herefordshire Assizes. However sickened by her child’s activities, his mom had been arranged to affirm with all due respect. Kitty wouldn’t affirm, and the case fell.

Then, at that point, his mom exiled him from the family, and he moved into the Much Marcle place of his auntie Violet. By mid-1962, he had accommodated with his folks, yet his relationship with a large portion of his family stayed laden.

West became re-familiar with Catherine Bernadette Costello in September 1962, when he was 21. He had initially met Costello, who came from Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, at a Much Marcle ballroom in 1960, and dated her for a very long time before she got back to Scotland. Costello was pregnant by an Asian transport driver at the hour of her union with Fred and may have migrated from Glasgow to England because of her relatives communicating their disappointment at her being pregnant with a blended race youngster.

She wedded Fred in Ledbury on seventeenth November and the couple at first lived in Fred’s auntie’s home, then, at that point, moved to Coatbridge, where Fred functioned as a frozen yogurt van driver.

Rena’s little girl, Charmaine, was born in March 1963; to clarify the youngster’s blended family line, Rena and Fred guaranteed that she had experienced an unsuccessful labor and that Charmaine was taken on. Presently, the couple migrated to Savoy Street, in the Bridgeton region of Glasgow.

In July 1964, Rena bore Fred a little girl, Anna Marie. The kid was born at the couple’s Savoy Street home. He inadvertently ran over and killed a little kid in Glasgow with his van on fourth November 1965. Fred was gotten free from any bad behavior by police however dreaded the antagonistic response and possible backlashes for the mishap from local people, whom he depended upon to make his living.

By mid 1966, he had started to display strength and power over every one of the three ladies as he was additionally inclined to savage emotional episodes, and Rena and McNeill ordinarily endured the worst part of his fierceness.

He additionally physically assaulted his stepdaughter more than once. He is likewise answered to have started physically mishandling Charmaine, and to have urged Rena to go to prostitution to enhance his pitiful pay.

McFall, matured 18 and eight months pregnant with Fred’s youngster, evaporated in July 1967. She was never announced missing, however her dismantled remaining parts were found covered at the edge of a cornfield between Much Marcle and Kempley in June 1994.

Fred at first denied he had killed McFall, yet trusted to one guest following his capture that he had wounded her to death following a contention.

The next month, Rena got back to live with Fred, and the couple migrated to the Lake House Caravan Park. Their relationship at first improved, yet Rena left the next year, again leaving the kids in his consideration. On these events when Fred had no lady to regulate and really focus on the young ladies, he briefly positioned them being taken care of by Gloucester social administrations.

West previously experienced Rosemary Letts in mid 1969, soon after her fifteenth birthday celebration. Rose began a relationship with Fred, turning into a continuous guest at the Lake House Caravan Park, and a willing childminder to Charmaine and Anna Marie, whom she noted were ignored and whom she at first treated with care and fondness.

Not long after her first gathering with Fred, Rose found employment elsewhere at the bread shop to turn into the caretaker to Charmaine and Anna Marie. A while later, Rose acquainted Fred with her family, who were dismayed at their girl’s decision of accomplice.

Rose’s mom, Daisy Letts, was neutral with Fred’s braggadocio, and accurately finished up he was a neurotic liar; her dad, Bill Letts an analyzed schizophrenic who is accepted to have attacked his girl fervently objected to the relationship, compromising Fred straightforwardly and promising to call social administrations in the event that he kept on dating his little girl.

Rose was put in a permanent place to stay for pained teens in Cheltenham in August 1969 and was simply permitted to leave under controlled conditions. On her sixteenth birthday celebration, Rose passed on the home for grieved young people to get back to her folks. Rose selected to live with Fred, bringing about her dad prohibiting his girl from at any point in the future going to his family.

After 90 days, the couple abandoned the Cheltenham level and migrated to the ground floor level of a two-story house in Midland Road, Gloucester. On seventeenth October 1970, Rose brought forth their first youngster: a little girl they named Heather Ann.

After two months, Fred was detained for the burglary of vehicle tires and a vehicle charge circle. He stayed detained until 24th June 1971. As he served this six-and-a-half-month sentence, Rose, having recently turned 17, taken care of the three young ladies, with Charmaine and Anna Marie being told to allude to Rose as their mom.

Rose is accepted to have killed Charmaine in no time before Fred’s jail delivery date of 24th June 1971. She is known to have taken Charmaine, Anna Marie, and Heather to visit Fred on fifteenth June.

Charmaine’s body was at first stowed in the coal basement of Midland Road until Fred was set free from jail. He later covered her exposed body in the yard near the indirect access of the level, and he stayed unyielding he had not dismantled her.

At the point when her body was found, a short length of metal tubing was found with her remaining parts, leaving an equivalent chance she had been controlled and exposed to a rape before her homicide. Rena’s body was widely dismantled, set into plastic sacks, and covered near a bunch of trees known as Yewtree Coppice at Letterbox Field, around 1 mile (1.6 km) from Much Marcle.

Fred and Rosemary wedded on 29th January 1972 and Rose became pregnant with her subsequent youngster, the couple moved from Midland Road to a location close by: 25 Cromwell Street. On first June, Rose brought forth a subsequent girl. The date of her introduction to the world drove Fred and Rose to name the youngster Mae June.

Rose began to function as a whore not long after bringing forth her subsequent kid, working from a higher up room at their home and promoting her administrations in a neighborhood contact magazine. Fred urged Rose to look for customers in Gloucester’s West Indian people group through these ads. Notwithstanding her prostitution, Rose occupied with easygoing sex with both male and female guests inside their family, and people Fred experienced through his work; she likewise gloated to a few group that no man or lady could totally fulfill her.

By 1977, Rose’s dad had come to endure his little girl’s marriage, and to foster a hesitant regard for Fred. At the point when Bill Letts found Rose’s prostitution, he would likewise visit to engage in sexual relations with his little girl. By 1983, she had brought forth eight youngsters, somewhere around three of whom were brought about by customers. Fred enthusiastically acknowledged these youngsters as his own and dishonestly educated them the explanation their skin was hazier than that of their kin was that his extraordinary grandma was a person of color.

At the point when every one of the West youngsters arrived at the age of seven, they were doled out various day by day errands to act in the house; they were infrequently permitted to associate external the family edges except if both of their folks were available, and needed to adhere to severe rules forced by their folks, with extreme discipline quite often physical-being the punishment for not adjusting to the family runs the show.

The kids dreaded being the beneficiaries of viciousness from their folks, by far most incurred by Rose, once in a while by Fred. The savagery was once in a while nonsensical, tactless, or just caused for Rose’s delight; she generally took incredible consideration not to mark the youngsters’ appearances or hands in these attacks.

Fred infrequently turned into the beneficiary of his significant other’s brutality. On one event in August 1974, Rose pursued Fred with a cutting blade in her grasp; Fred had the option to hammer shut the entryway of the room into which he had run as Rose rushed at him with the blade, bringing about the blade inserting itself in the entryway, and three of Rose’s fingers sliding down the sharp edge, nearly cutting off them from her hand.

In September 1972, the Wests drove eight-year-old Anna Marie to the basement at 25 Cromwell Street, where the youngster was requested to strip down, with Rose tearing her dress from her body after noticing the kid’s faltering.

In October 1972, the Wests recruited 17-year-old Caroline Owens as their youngsters’ caretaker. They had gotten her one night on a separated dirt road as she bummed a ride from Tewkesbury to her Cinderford home, having visited her sweetheart.

90 days after the Wests’ attack preliminary, the couple submitted their first known homicide. The casualty was a 19-year-old named Lynda Gough, with whom Fred and Rose became familiar through a male guest in mid 1973.

Following the homicide of 18-year-old Juanita Mott in April 1975, Fred cemented over the floor of the whole basement. He later changed over this segment of the family into a room for his most established youngsters, and he and his significant other are not known to have submitted any further killings until May 1978, when Fred either with or without Rose’s cooperation yet surely with her insight killed a 18-year-old tenant named Shirley Robinson. Robinson had initially met Fred at The Green Lantern bistro in April 1977 and had taken lodgings with the Wests that very month. She was intensely pregnant at the hour of her homicide.

The last homicide Fred and Rose are known to have submitted with a positive sexual thought process happened on fifth August 1979. The casualty was a 16-year-old named Alison Chambers, who had fled from a neighborhood kids’ home to turn into the Wests’ live-in babysitter in 1979.

Fred demonstrated his desire to be captured for Heather’s homicide and to be taken to Bearland police headquarters to give a full admission; he was then captured and officially forewarned. At 11:15 that morning, Fred officially conceded to police he had for sure murdered his little girl, but in a demonstration of homicide.

The next day (26th February), police started exhuming the segment of the nursery at Cromwell Street where Fred showed he had covered his little girl’s body. Soon after 4 p.m., police tracked down a human thigh bone projecting from a part of the nursery Fred had demanded police need not examine.

Somewhere in the range of fifth and eighth March, police discovered six further bodies of youthful females at 25 Cromwell Street. Every casualty had been broadly ravaged, and each body bore proof of having been exposed to outrageous sexual maltreatment preceding the demonstration of homicide.

Fred and Rose West were brought under the watchful eye of a justices’ court in Gloucester on 30th June 1994; he was accused of 12 homicides and she with nine. This was whenever the couple first had seen each other since Fred’s February capture.

Following this court appearance, Fred was re-captured on doubt of killing Anne McFall, whose body had been found on seventh June yet had not been authoritatively recognized until this date; he was officially accused of McFall’s homicide on third July, showing up in court the next morning.

West balanced himself on first January 1995 in his cell by wrapping an ad libbed rope he had built from a cover and labels he had taken from jail clothing packs around his neck, then, at that point, restricting this gadget to an entryway handle and window catchment, and sinking to his knees.

At the lower part of the self destruction note found in his cell was a drawing of a headstone, inside which was stated: “In adoring memory. Fred West. Rose West. Find happiness in the hereafter where no shadow falls. In wonderful harmony, he sits tight for Rose, his significant other.”

Fred and Rose West are known to have submitted no less than 12 homicides somewhere in the range of 1967 and 1987; a considerable lot of those associated with the case accept there are a few different casualties whose bodies have never been found.

Before his self destruction, police had recorded more than 108 hours of copied interviews with Fred as on a few events, Fred made secretive clues he had guaranteed a few different casualties, however would not disclose any additional data past that he had killed 15-year-old Mary Bastholm in 1968 and covered the body on farmland close to Bishop’s Cleeve. He likewise professed to have dispensed with one casualty while chipping away at a development project in Birmingham, and that different bodies had been covered in Scotland and Herefordshire.

To his proper grown-up, Fred asserted there were up to 20 further casualties he and his significant other had killed, “not in one spot but rather spread around”, and he planned to uncover the area of one body each year to specialists.

Moreover, the areas of practically all the entombment destinations of casualties both found and unseen was emblematic to Fred, as each had been covered at or exceptionally near the area he had lived in or worked at the hour of the casualty’s homicide.

Channel 5 appointed a three-section narrative series about the killings. The series, named “Fred and Rose: The West Murders”, was the main transmission in October 2001.

Disclosure Networks Europe authorized a narrative zeroing in on the West Murders as a feature of their Crimes that Shook the World series. Named “Wrongdoings that Shook the World: The Wests”, this narrative was delivered in 2006.

The two-section British wrongdoing dramatization TV smaller than normal series, “Fitting Adult”, was separated September 2011.

A subsequent narrative appointed by Channel 5 with regards to the West homicides, “When Fred met Rose”, was separated November 2014.

The ITV narrative “Fred and Rose West: The Real Story”, described by Trevor McDonald, was planned for broadcast in the UK on 31st January 2019.

Fred West was a hitched man. He met Catherine Costello, who was a whore. She was then pregnant with another man’s kid. Fred wedded her in November 1962, and her little girl Charmaine was born in March 1963. In 1964, Catherine brought forth Fred’s little girl Anna Marie. Catherine got killed in 1971. Then, at that point, in November 1968, he met Rosemary Letts, who was an adolescent around then. She was born after her insane pregnant mother was given electro-convulsive treatment, which might have caused a pre-birth injury that would ultimately prompt her episodes of animosity. Rose brought forth Fred’s girl Heather in 1970. In January 1972, Fred wedded Rose subtly, and their second girl Mae was born in June 1972. As the family developed, they moved to 25 Cromwell Street. At this point, Rose had begun bringing in cash as a whore. In August 1973, Rose’s child Stephen was born. Her girl Louise was born in 1978. Barry was born in 1980, Rosemary Junior in 1982, and Lucyanna in 1983. Rose had a few different youngsters, and not all were fathered by Fred. Concerning Fred’s sexual direction, he was straight.

Fred West was an English chronic executioner who had a total assets of thousands of dollars till the hour of his demise while his compensation sum had not been unveiled at this point. He bought the property from the committee for £7,000. West had not accomplished support work for any brands. What’s more, his significant type of revenue was his chronic executioner vocation.

What was the Height of Fred West?

Fred West remained at an ideal stature with a reasonable body weight. He had dark hair and dull earthy colored eyes tone. Fred’s body assemble type was normal.