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Gary Adams was a 17-year-old high school fellow who was killed by his stepfather named John Xypolitos. He was a stepson of John and his then, at that point accomplice, Jo-Ann Adams.

In 2003, he was killed with a mallet by hitting him a few times. According to the age, His dead body was found in the shed of his Cranbourne West home on December 5. This news has become the public news around then.

Besides, When John’s significant other, Jo-Ann got back after working all day, he revealed to her that Gary had gone out and he will not return home for supper. From that day, Gary disappeared.

Everything about covered here. Peruse on to study Gary’s homicide case. Gary Adams was killed to death. The killer is as a matter of fact his own stepfather John Xypolitos. It’s very upsetting and disastrous news.

According to the Daily Mail, After killing Gary fiercely with a sledge, John went for supper with the perished adolescent kid’s mom as though all is well with him. There is certainly not a solitary even indication of stress or liable all over.

During that time, John was 57 years. Presently, he has turned 64/65 years in 2021. While Gary was 17 years when he was killed.

Indeed, he was absent until his dead body was found in 2003. The secret case was addressed in 2013.

According to the police reports, Gary’s body was lying in his nursery shed in Melbourne. John covered Gary’s body in his own parent’s lawn, which was found following 8 years of his demise.

According to the court proclamation, the mid-matured man John has at last confessed to killing Gary however demands saying it was self-preservation. Conversely, he was not blameworthy by any means.

According to ABC, in 2013, John was condemned to 27 years in prison. He may need to spend the remainder of his life behind the bar.

Continuing on to Gary’s family foundation, John’s natural dad’s name is Andrew Sonnreich. Simultaneously, his mom’s name is Jo-Ann Adams. We need more insights regarding Gary’s mom now.

The page will be refreshed once the data is accessible on the web. With respect to identity, Gary was Australian, and he has a place with blended nationality.

Very little is shared in regards to Gary’s total assets recently. His folks should be rich. At all, Gary was the lone offspring of his family.