Gideon Okeke has confirmed his divorce from his wife of two years Chidera

Nollywood performer Gideon Okeke has asserted his detachment from his better 50% of two years, Chidera. Taking to his Instagram story, the performer gave out a public help declaration on his detachment.

Yielding to eating (which is a work related conversation for being dumped) from his significant other, the performer opened up on his division.

Gideon revealed that it has been a hard hot pill that he expected to swallow, bit it brought down him.

He mentioned his fans to put him and his youngsters in petitions and not feel frustrated about party.

“You could struggle with accepting it in case I tell you that I’m disconnected from my Marriage right? No you wouldn’t… so plunk down. It is considering a genuine worry for clarity and a sensible still, little voice that this becomes essential. Notwithstanding, yea… . Breakfast reach Me too… Las. It’s been a hard hot pill I’ve expected to swallow and youngster… .it sure brings down one. This public help declaration wouldn’t be so crucial for (Me), but for this trap that I view Reputation as now and again. Stifled.

Be that as it may, as I prepare… I appeal to God for My Young fellows. Such lovely Young fellows. Pls put us All in your solicitations… .not feel frustrated about party. They need Mum and Father judicious, sound solid areas for and the fulfillment of their prosperity and we are seeking after it. Hard! I express because of God. Moreover, I Thank you for pulling for Us. One life… .various records.

Gideon Okeke marriage crashes

Pls don’t call, don’t message, as we work our heading to definitive breaking down. These cycles adversely influence one as you may know. God favor all of you”.

Gideon Okeke’s marriage crashes

Survey that KFN reported in May that the performer’s marriage had crashed. The couple who got hitched in 2019, had unfollowed each other, deleted photos of themselves on Instagram, and ignored their wedding remembrance which was in April.

A look at Chidera’s page similarly showed she had killed Gideon’s last name.

Kemi Filani news did a brain their singular pages and saw the new changes.

Chidera had cut down her significant other’s last name from her Instagram bio.

Gideon and Chidera got hitched in 2019 at a lavish wedding administration in Lagos.

Before their white wedding, the couple held their standard wedding in December 2018.

Their marriage made two youngsters.

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