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Murder speculate Greg Domaszewicz has been on the run from his home at this point. Greg Domaszewicz is an Australian technician who is a significant suspect in the homicide of Jaidyn Leskie. In spite of the fact that he has denied the cases, there has been proof racking at this point.

Greg Domaszewicz is presently supposed to be on the run. He was requested to show up in the Melbourne Court today with respect to the instance of Jaidyn Leskie however neglected to do as such.

There has been no data on Greg Domaszewicz’s family or house till now. Jaidyn Leskie vanished in 1997 when Greg Domaszewicz was accountable for minding. The young man was the one-year-old child of Brett Leskie and Bilynda Williams.

The said man was the sweetheart of Bilyanda Williams around then and had been minding Jaidyn while his mom went out for a beverage with her sister.After  ome time, the man had educated Bilyanda that Jaidyn had been harmed and is in emergency clinic.

Later when he got her he didn’t permit her to visit him saying she was intoxicated. Greg at that point educated the mother on one more day, that Jaidyn had vanished and he has been looking for him.

They gave for the infant’s vanishing who was discovered a half year later unloaded on the Moe dam. Greg Domaszewicz had been captured, precisely a month after Jaidyn vanished on July 16, 1996.

Police and specialists discovered his conduct and story to be odd. He had told Jaidyn had been harmed and was in medical clinic however then revealed him to be absent to his mom later the day. He had additionally said that he was looking for him however had not announced the vanishing to the police when he had experienced one that day.

Albeit numerous individuals affirmed that the said man had shown animosity and fierce conduct towards Jaidyn like whipping him or securing him up dim rooms, because of absence of proof he had been delivered not liable in 1998. Presently the case has been resumed and a warrant for Greg Domaszewicz has been given.