Hanny Papanicolaou Husband Nick Papanicolaou Is Devastated After His Wife’s Guilty Verdit


Hanny Papanicolaou is a killer being investigated in the NSW Supreme Court for the mid 2019 killing of 92-year-old Marjorie Welsh.

She has argued not blameworthy to the homicide allegation.


Ms. Weldied as a result of the occurrence at her Ashbury home.

Who Is Hanny Papanicolaou Husband? Hanny Papanicolaou has been hitched to Nick Papanicolaou for very nearly a decade.

She was 23 years of age when she met her significant other, who was 20 years more established while working in Indonesia. The pair wedded and moved to Australia in 2008.

On Tuesday, Nick told the NSW Supreme Court that he had never seen his significant other react irately towards him or any other person in the fallout of such a horrendous occasion.

He proceeds to add that his significant other’s relationship with the more established lady had been lovely up to that point. She had as of now introduced her Christmas presents and invited relatives to her home.

Following his better half’s detainment, he supposedly found a jug of “tension meds” he had never seen.

Mr Papanicolaou likewise said that his significant other wasn’t generally a speculator however that by 2019, she favored smoking and unwinding at the local club.

Hanny Papanicolaou Nationality Explored Hanny Papanicolaou is of Indonasian nationlity

Many have confounded her as a Filipino, yet we surmise individuals are clear with regards to it now.

Hanny later wedded, and the pair moved to Australia in 2008. Hanny Papanicolaou was captured for assaulting her client with a mobile stick and porcelain, as well as multiple times cutting her in the stomach with a kitchen blade.

Likewise, Ms. Welsh detailed the episode to police upon the arrival of the wrongdoing, January 2, and recognized the culprit as her “more clean.”

A neighbor revealed seeing a woman jump Ms. Welsh’s back door into a nearby park prior to finding the 92-year-elderly person in a pool of blood at the rear of her home.

Marjorie Welsh Murder Trial Hanny Papanicolaou admits to attacking Marjorie Welsh at her home in Sydney’s inward west on January 2, 2019, yet denies killing her.

At the point when she completed the assault, Papanicolaou’s lawyers asserted she was altogether hampered by a psychological maladjustment.

Papanicolaou said in court that she “passed out” during the assault and was discouraged at that point.

It additionally said Papanicolaou missing the mark on attitude of a discouraged individual and had never conveyed her feelings to anyone before the episode.

Papanicolaou’s lawyer Tom Quilter had rubbished the examiner’s burglary hypothesis, saying there is “just no proof.”

Papanicolaou really took anything notwithstanding the jury hearing proof that money, a tote, a ring, and a costly watch were inside the house.

Papanicolaou had never been fierce, he said, and had no rationale to assault Ms. Welsh, he said. Papanicolaou will be condemned sometime in the not too distant future.