Hawai Teacher Alden Bunag Arrested For Dispensing Elicit Video Of A Child


Alden Bunag, a Hawaii government funded teacher, was captured on bureaucratic allegations of kid erotic entertainment. Subsequent to admitting to the wrongdoing, he was accused of one count of kid erotic entertainment dispersion.

A Hawaii-based educator was as of late found sharing a 13-year-old male understudy’s unlawful recordings and photographs with one more instructor on the US central area. The instructor, recognized as Alden Bunag, has focused on having intercourse with the adolescent at the school during send off breaks, according to court filings. The kid was a minor at that point and is recognized as a previous understudy.


On Wednesday, Honolulu FBI specialists gave court orders at Bunag’s home and captured him at Oahu’s Pearl City High School (PCHS). As revealed by authorities, he purportedly shared kid porn on his telephone by means of the Telegram application.

Alden Bunag Arrested For Distributing Child Pornography The late spring school educator at Oahu has been captured and blamed for dispersing kid erotic entertainment. Oneself portrayed communist Filipino-American educator let specialists know that he recorded a sexual demonstration with a 13-year-old previous understudy and passed the recording to other people, including a Philadelphia teacher.

Alden was known via virtual entertainment for his sensational tweets and utilization of forceful language before his capture for kid pornography. He was a frank ally of presenting youngsters to cross dressers and trans strippers. He additionally unequivocally upheld Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill, which keeps sexual direction or orientation personality from being shown in kindergarten through 3rd grade.

The Philadelphia teacher was researched by experts in July 2021 after an unknown grievance that the Philadelphia educator was transferring youngster erotic entertainment surfaced. Examiners found proof of a visit with a man named Alden while really looking at his PCs.

As indicated by reports, the instructor sent Alden more than 3,4000 messages, a large number of which highlighted youngster sexual entertainment photos and recordings. They likewise found a video of Alden playing out a sex act with an underage teen person on the instructor’s telephone.

Bunag admitted to his activities once specialists had the option to find the talks.

Casualty Was A 13-Year-Old Boy: Is His Name Available? Until further notice, the personality of the 13-year-old casualty has stayed confidential. Since his name has not been uncovered, apparently his profile has been stayed quiet.

Beside him, one more understudy stood in opposition to the web dissident’s propensity for improperly starting actual contact with them.

Alden Bunag Charges and Jail Sentence Bung’s crazy explosions via virtual entertainment against an action denying sexualized issues from being shown in schools to youths have unexpectedly circulated around the web, rather than his pedophilia capture.

Alden Bunag was kept and accused of one count of youngster porn dissemination subsequent to admitting to the offense. It’s questionable whether he’ll be charged once more.

Besides, the Hawaii teacher will show up in court for a detainment hearing one week from now, trailed by a fundamental hearing on June 7.