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Makiyah Bryant’s auntie Hazel Bryant and family are grieving at the present time. 15-year-old Makiyah Bryant was shot dead by a Columbus Police Officer Tuesday night in Ohio. The occurrence occurred around the same time when George Floyd’s family got equity as the decision was declared on the preliminary following a year-long BLM fight.

Hazel Bryant’s age has not been uncovered. She is grieving the deficiency of her 15-year-old niece. Hazel Bryant is the auntie of Makiyah Bryant, who lamentably lost her life in the Ohio shooting episode.

Hazel conversed with the correspondents after the occurrence. She thought that it was difficult to accept that her niece was shot while endeavoring to wound two others. As per Revolt, Bryant asserted that Makiyah was an incredibly adoring kid. She was in stun as she faltered while talking.

She further added that her niece called 911 on the grounds that somebody was manhandling her. She came out with a blade just to ensure herself. One of the neighbors Ira Graham III addressed the columnists after Hazel. She said that she heard four shots and headed out to see police offering CPR to Makiyah.

Graham accepts they didn’t need to shoot her. Makiyah was only a kid and she is certain she didn’t have any expectations of cutting different young ladies. As per Makiyah’s mom Paula Bryant, Makiyah was an honor understudy and had a protective nature. Her mom communicated torment as she said she didn’t have the right to die in the city.

Individuals are fighting on the Columbus shooting scene, requesting the cop to be captured. The state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation is doing the examination of the case.

There are relatively few disclosures on Hazel Bryant’s relatives and spouse. It is realized that the survivor of the Columbus shooting was her niece Makiyah. Individuals are communicating their disappointments through online media stages like Twitter and Reddit, and sending their sympathies to the Bryant family.