“He has a gun”: Louisville shooting 911 calls reveal Connor Sturgeon’s mom tried to prevent bank massacre


On Wednesday, April 13, 2023, police delivered the Louisville bank shooting emergency calls that uncovered shooter Connor Sturgeon’s mother attempted to forestall a terrible assault on the old public bank that guaranteed five lives and harmed eight others.

Connor Sturgeon, a representative at the bank, went on a shooting binge on April 10 and killed five of his colleagues while they had assembled for a Monday early daytime meeting in the first-floor gathering room before the bank was available to the general population.


The recently delivered emergency call showed that Sturgeon’s mother called the crisis line cautioning cops that her child, outfitted with a weapon, was gone to the bank. According to the call, Sturgeon’s mother made the surprising disclosure after her child’s flat mate cautioned his family in the wake of finding a self destruction note taking steps to carry out mass homicide.

Soon after getting the upsetting data from the shooter’s flat mate, Sturgeon’s mother promptly called policing alarmed the dispatcher about the circumstance. She told the dispatcher:

The recently delivered emergency call illustrates discernibly upset individuals calling policing frantic requests for help as Louisville shooter Connor Sturgeon went on a horrendous frenzy at the bank.

One of the calls was made by the shooter’s mother, who seemed disabled with dread in the wake of gaining from her child’s flat mate that her youngster was en route to the Louisville keep money with a firearm. At the point when the dispatcher squeezed her for more data, Sturgeon’s mother answered:

“I don’t realize I’m getting this data from his flat mate, he obviously left a note.” The dispatcher then, at that point, tested her for additional subtleties and inquired: “Where did you get this data from? Who let you know what’s happening? Sturgeon’s discernibly troubled mother answered:

As the call proceeded, you can hear the shooter’s mother begging the dispatcher and on occasion guarding his personality, saying he was not inclined to savagery and as far as anyone is concerned has never possessed firearms. She said:

“He’s never harmed anybody, he’s a great youngster. We don’t claim firearms. I don’t have the foggiest idea where he would have gotten a firearm.”
Accordingly, the dispatcher then, at that point, asked her how he acquired the weapon, to which Sturgeon’s mother answered:

“I don’t know ma’am. Please accept my apologies, I’m attempting to get into my vehicle. My better half is conversing with me and asking me inquiries about different things. What’s more, I’m shaking. I figure perhaps his better half might have had a weapon. (indistinct) perhaps he saw them.”

According to the sound, Sturgeon’s mother’s call, which came in at 8:41 a.m., was the fifth in a series of calls made upon the arrival of the shooting. According to the 911 tape, the episode was at that point unfurling inside the bank floor when the shooter’s mother cautioned the Louisville cops in order to stretch out beyond the circumstance and forestalling a misfortune.

The main call was purportedly made by an observer in the gathering room who went to the Monday early daytime meeting essentially. In the call, a perceptibly shaken observer detailed the episode and said:

“I just watched it. I just watched it at a Group meeting. We were having an executive gathering,” she adds “I saw someone on the floor. We heard different shots and individuals began saying ‘Wow,’ and afterward he came into the board room.”
The subsequent call was an inside a likewise made by an observer storeroom as the shooter started shooting in the gathering room. A subsequent observer let the administrator know that the shooter worked at the bank.

The following call allegedly rolled in from a representative on the fourth floor of the Louisville building who heard numerous shots.

On Monday, at around 8:30 a.m., officials answered reports of a functioning shooter at 333 East Central avenue on the Old Public Bank of Louisville. Upon appearance, police supposedly experienced live adjusts being discharged at the scene by attacker Conor Sturgeon, who was shot dead during a showdown with the officials in the bank building.

Louisville police recognized the killed casualties as Tommy Elliot, 63, Josh Barrick, 40, Jim Tutt, 64, Juliana Rancher, 45, and Deana Eckert, 57, all workers at the Old Public Bank.

While authorities still can’t seem to unveil a likely rationale in the killing, it’s been broadly revealed that Connor Sturgeon was very nearly being terminated from the bank. Sturgeon’s family additionally stood up, uncovering that the investor, who had supposedly supported various blackouts as a top pick school competitor, had emotional well-being issues.