Hermes Iyele opens up on controversy surrounding his name

Removed BBNaija “Step Up” housemate ‘Hermes Chibueze Iyele has expressed he and his kin were named after divine beings.

The presentation craftsman, during one of his post-ousting interviews, said his dad named each of them four after various divine beings.

He proclaimed that ‘Hermes’ isn’t a phase name yet what his dad gave him upon entering the world.

“My dad named us four after divine beings. My two brothers are Akhnaton and Kuthumi, while my sister is Isis. Hermes is my genuine name,” he said.

Hermes is an Olympian divinity in old Greek religion and folklore. Hermes is viewed as the messenger of the divine beings.

He is additionally viewed as the defender of human messengers, voyagers, hoodlums, vendors, and speakers.

He can move rapidly and uninhibitedly between the universes of the human and the heavenly, supported by his winged shoes.

Hermes, as indicated by research assumes the part of the psychopomp or “soul guide”, a guide of spirits into life following death.

Review that removed Big Brother Naija (Step Up) housemate, Allysyn Audu, as of late spread the word about her stand on proceeding with her heartfelt connection with an individual housemate, Hermes, outside the house.

It is likewise not a mysterious that Hermes as of now has two lady friends outside the Big Brother Naija housemate.

In a new meeting, she said, “Realizing Hermes had two lady friends, I regarded his dynamic (situation) while in the house. In any case, after emerging from the house now, I realize that I would rather not be a piece of that dynamic (circumstance) yet I have a certifiable association with him. I need to zero in on myself. Hermes has a wonderful, extraordinary and emotional character. I generally go for individuals that are altogether different. He even truly stands apart with his tattoos and piercings. We are both inventive individuals. He is extremely gifted and I realize we will be extraordinary companions for quite a while.”