How did Jozef Tomko Die? What has happened to Jozef Tomko?

Jozef Tomko died on the age of ninety eight He is likewise well-known by the call Cardinal Tomko and the oldest dwelling cardinal who died at ninety eight. In 2018 he visited Mount Zvir, it truly is above the village of Litmanová, Slovakia and his picture is on social media.

He died on Monday morning, and at the same time as he died Slovakian-born cardinal modified into a member of the College of Cardinals who was the oldest. He died inside the rental in which he used to live on August eight at five am, and on the time of his lack of existence, he become beneath the company of a nurse.

Know approximately the circumstance of Jozef in advance than their demise:- According to Vatican information, he turned into hospitalized on June 25 for a cervical spine harm. He is convalescing under the steering of a nurse who became taking his care after hospitalization.

He came home on August 6, and the call of the health facility is Rome’s Gemelli Hospital. And he died on August eight, and then Slovak bishops invited near humans to pray for Cardinal Tomko, which changed into every different manner to announce his loss of life. And his burial is in. Elizabeth Cathedral in Košice, Slovakia, and records on this will be announced later.

He became a member of the College of Cardinals. He have become a member of the Cardinals for 37 years, and in May 1985, he have come to be cardinal with the resource of St. Pope John Paul II. After being cardinal, he served his college as its secretary preferred for six years.

After that, on May 27, 1985, the people of that cardinal named him prefect of the Congregation for Evangelization. He served in this position for its people until his retirement. He retired in 2001. And in the length in their provider, he did many things. He additionally attended global activities.