How did Katrina Brownlee escape abusive ex-fiance Alex Irvin after being shot 10 times?

Homegrown maltreatment casualty and resigned NYPD official Katrina Brownlee is at long last focusing on her horrible past, a mysterious she has hauled around for a really long time. Brownlee shares about the lucky departure she made on January 9, 1993, after she was shot multiple times by her oppressive life partner, a Rikers Island prison guard, Alex Irvin, subsequent to having gotten through long stretches of homegrown, physical, and s*xual misuse.

Brownlee, who was pregnant with her third youngster at that point, was seen as scarcely cognizant in Irvin’s Medford, Long Island, home by a companion of his family, who made a startling visit and tracked down the horrendous crime location. The youthful companion, joined by the wrongdoer, then, at that point, hurried the mother-of-two to Brookhaven Dedication Medical clinic in the early evening hours prior to dashing off.

CBS 48 Hours will have Michelle Mill operator report on Katrina Brownlee’s confusing case this Saturday, April 8, in an episode named Katrina Brownlee: The Great Cop. The abstract states:

“Her ex — an official with an identification — almost killed her. She says police neglected to safeguard her, so she got her own identification.”
The impending episode airs on the channel at 9:00 pm ET on April 8, 2023.

Katrina Brownlee initially met Alex Irvin, a prison guard on New York’s Rikers Island, in 1988 and before long began dating him, imagining that he was the one who might furnish her and her little girl with security and envisioned an ideal family with him. At that point, Brownlee was a striving 18-year-old single parent living in the Brevoort Undertakings. In any case, a universe of injury and misuse looked for her.

That’s what brownlee uncovered “he [Irvin] showed his vicious attitude very quickly,” guaranteeing that it began in the road where he would beat her freely, and in spite of the fact that she detailed his way of behaving to specialists and called 911 on different occasions, no move was made against him as the police would leave following seeing his identification.

They before long had a child young lady, after which Irvin moved them to a little house in Medford, Long Island, however the maltreatment purportedly proceeded. Their new home before long transformed into a place of revulsions for Katrina Brownlee. Nonetheless, in 1992, following five years of getting through misuse, she chose to pass on her life partner and move to a neighborhood inn with both of her girls. She was pregnant with her third kid at that point.

Be that as it may, on January 9, 1993, Brownlee got back to the Medford house and strolled straight into a snare where Alex Irvin stood equipped with his administration pistol. When she went into the house, the shooting started. Irvin shot the pregnant 22-year-old multiple times and afterward stacked the weapon briefly time prior to discharging five additional shots. She guaranteed he was tormenting and deriding all her times he discharged a shot at her.

Reports express that Alex Irvin had arranged everything for the snare. The entryways and windows were locked and the telephone lines were cut, which totally cut off Katrina Brownlee’s association with the rest of the world. The shooter put bandages on her slug wounds and watched her slither until she couldn’t any longer and afterward conveyed her to the washroom.

Luckily for one of Irvin’s family companions, a 20-year-elderly person showed up at the house out of the blue and tracked down the frightful crime location. He then found Brownlee scarcely cognizant, lying face-down on the restroom floor. The man got her, conveyed her to the vehicle, and stacked the five-month-pregnant mother into the secondary lounge with Irvin’s help. The two men then, at that point, headed to Brookhaven Dedication Clinic.

At the emergency clinic, Katrina Brownlee was raced to a medical procedure right away and after numerous tasks in the days that followed, she at long last awakened. She lost her youngster simultaneously and specialists neglected to eliminate six of the projectiles that had entered her body. At first, specialists proclaimed that she probably won’t have the option to walk once more, however she made a full recuperation in the years that followed.

Katrina Brownlee, alongside Colleague Lead prosecutor Keri Herzog, assembled the body of evidence against her previous life partner Alex Irvin, resisting all chances and arising triumphant – albeit not to the degree that they had anticipated. He entered a blameworthy request and was given a base sentence of 5 to 15 years in jail.

In 2001, the endeavored murder survivor began chasing after a lifelong in quite possibly of the most impossible spot – the New York City Police Division – in order to turn into the “great cop” she so frantically wanted in the years when she was being manhandled by a cop and overlooked by numerous others.

Brownlee succeeded in her profession, went secret, worked Locally Issues office and became Analyst 1st Grade, NYPD’s most noteworthy analytical position. She joined New York City Chairman Bill de Blasio’s high level security detail in 2014, becoming one of the modest bunch of people of color in NYPD history to have served in the position. Katrina left the NYPD in 2021 following 20 years in the power.