Hyeri And Lee Jun Young Are Set To Be Featured In New Upcoming Fantasy Drama

With a ritzy gathering, MBC’s next dream show has caught fans’ eye. Hyeri from Girl’s Day will make her acting presentation in the MBC show Ildangbaek Butler. The K-Pop whiz, who turned into an overall hit following Reply 1988 for her remarkable abilities to act, will star in the dream show inverse Love and Leashes’ primary legend Lee Jun Young.

MBC’s Ildangbaek Butler, which debuts in October, will fixate on Butler Kim and memorial service chief Baek Dong-Joo. Ildangbaek is the name of the couple’s task running endeavor. Head servant Kim costs 100 won for every obligation, while Baek Dong Joo awards the cravings of the departed.


Hyeri will be donning a new search in MBC’s impending show My flat mate fills in as a Hyeri, who featured in Gumiho, and will depict the primary person, Baek Dong-Joo, a memorial service chief who respects the desires of the left.

As a setting to this strange vocation, it is said that Baek Dong-Joo has the uncanny capacity to speak with the dead. She goes through the entire day without karma until the departed’s last longing is satisfied. Hyeri’s change into Baek Dong-Joo, who sympathizes with the departed, is something else altogether for the young star.

Lee Jun Young will play the principal character in MBC’s Ildangbaek Butler. Lee Jun Young will play Butler Kim, the single worker of the everyday tasks business Ildangbaek. Kim is an individual with an unforeseen appeal who accepts everything. In crucial points in time, he additionally shows boldness. Steward Kim is dependably anxious to go to any length to guarantee that his clients are glad.

On one such mission, he becomes entrapped in an occasion that rises above life and demise, which drives him to the cryptic Baek Dong-Joo. The audience is anxious to watch the show’s legends’ unstable science.

Tune Duk-Ho, who played Seo Hae Ahn, a cop with an unflinching affection for Baek Dong-Joo in Hospital Playlist, plays the second hero in Ildangbaek Butler. His part in the film features Seo Hae Ahn’s romantic tale and his resolute love and dedication for Baek Dong-Joo.

The rest of the outfit incorporates Taxi Driver’s Song Duk Ho, Han Dong Hee, Misaeng’s Tae In-Ho, Oh Dae-Hwan, and Lee Kyu-Han, notable for his parts in the ebb and flow show She Would Never Know.

The cooperation of chief Shim So Yeon, who has a few fruitful K-dramatizations like Here’s My Plan and Welcome 2 Life, to His Name, and essayist Lee Seon Hye, who composed twentieth Century Boy and Girl and added to the making of the notable Reply series, raises assumptions for the impending show.