“I Am Not Heartbroken” Actress Biodun Omoborty Discloses The Reasons Why She Cried In Her Previous Video

Biodun Okeowo, a Yoruba entertainer in Nollywood, has made sense of why she wailed in her past video, which many individuals deciphered as being “crushed.”

On Instagram, Biodun Okeowo said she wasn’t discouraged; all things being equal, she was simply making a reel-to-reel video.

Biodun Okeowo shared a pristine video via virtual entertainment, devoting it to her sweetheart and mourning how rapidly individuals are attracted to simply regrettable news.

Furthermore, she disavowed all types of mischievousness and bad behavior in her life.

How about we perceive the number of perspectives this that gets, she composed. Sha, individuals love awful news. Recently, they saw sobbing, and everybody was restless to get the horrible news.

So be it. May God prohibit that anything awful could happen to us.

I’m not discouraged as bloggers suggests.

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At the point when Bidoun Okeowo distributed a video of herself moving and wailing, it started reactions on the web, as Kemi Filani recalls. The entertainer talked about how finding one’s actual self was supported through misfortune.

As per Biodun, encountering the pain of friends and family could sometimes assist individuals with perceiving their worth and considerably more.

Once in a while it takes grief from a friend or family member to awaken us and cause us to understand that we are a great deal more significant than the individual we are supporting.

I’m not crushed” Actress Biodun Omoborty unveils the motivations behind why she cried in her past video
As indicated by Kemi Filani, Biodun Okeowo let her fans know what her sweetheart would do on the off chance that a woman was uncovered.

As per Biodun Okeowo, her man is absolved from the inquiry, probable since he behaves like Joseph or she would rather not include him in the inquiry.

She composed: Apart from my man… .do we actually have men like Joseph who see nak**dness of a lady and take off?

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