‘I Like The Way You Wiggle Wiggle’ By Louis Theroux Is The New Tiktok Bop, Find The Lyrics Here


Tiktok patterns are continuously changing and you can never determine what the following sensation will be. At this point, ‘I Like The Way You Wiggle’ by Louis Theroux has taken over Tiktok.

In the new recent days, we can see a few Tiktokers utilizing the melody ‘I Like The Way You Wiggle’ for various sorts of recordings that they make.


The melody has extremely snappy verses and beat to it, which gets the notice of individuals without any problem. Fans need to find out about the melody and the verses of the tune.

I Like The Way You Wiggle By Louis Theroux: Tiktok Song Explored Tiktok has been taken over by another Tiktok tune called I Like The Way You Wiggle By Louis Theroux. A great many people have proactively run over the infectious tunes.

The melody has been viral briefly. It has been utilized by Tiktokers from one side of the planet to the other and could be one of the most utilized melodies on Tiktok very soon. It could fit in as a rap melody, however it isn’t your regular rap tune.

It has been utilized by individuals, however even the creatures, for example, ferrets and bugs, for example, honey bees on Tiktok are cutting to the melody. The maker of the tune is Louis Theroux and his appealing verses and beats definitely stand out as of late.

Theroux is a British-American documentarian and child of the popular author Paul Theroux. He composed the envelop by one of the BBC 2 narrative series considered Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends.

Despite the fact that the episode originally circulated in 2000, he rapped the tune on one of the British Youtube series called Chicken Shop Date, where he went into rapper mode.

I Like The Way You Wiggle Lyrics Explored The tune gets going with a line saying “My cash don’t wiggle shake, it folds”. This line has been up to this point the catchiest line of the world tune.

The tune then goes onto a different line with words Rhyming to shake, like squirm and spill. The vocalist likewise makes reference to his level in the melody and the vehicle he drives.

Louis then, at that point, makes sense of he jumps at the chance to loosen up his psyche with a taste of wine. Notwithstanding, the tune keeps on making sense of that it was written in the castle and it’s not possible for anyone to diss him.

Fans Reaction To The Song I Like The Way You Wiggle Explored Fans have been cherishing the new tune I Like The Way You Wiggle. It is utilized by individuals all around the world on their Tiktokss.

The melody has additionally been presented on Youtube, and individuals have made their own remixes to the tune. Fans have made sense of how appealing the tune is and the way in which great it truly is.

Everybody has been showing a frenzy for the new melody and we are largely here for it.