“I Will Hire A Bouncer On My Wedding Day” – Angel Smith

Big Brother Naija reality star, Heavenly messenger Smith has made sense of why she would employ bouncer on her big day, as she shared a tweet that peruses ”I’ll enlist bouncers on my big day so that when the minister says “assuming anybody goes against this association talk now or stay quiet” anybody that attempts to talk, the bouncer will simply give you thump on your head.”

Her tweet in spite of sounding funny seems to be the ideal thing to do to forestall stories that will address an extraordinary day when a woman should have the greatest day of her life, so playing it safe against whatever would turn out badly is a flat out need whose significance can never be minimized.

However the truth star is simply attempting to be entertaining with her tweet, as a general rule, there are individuals who are known to enlist the impressive skill of a bouncer against things turning out badly, or a previous relationship having needing to intrude on a wedding, the security utilized will presently be entrusted to keep things all together, and guarantee no harms is finished for their client.

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