Is Annamaria Gana Still In Jail? Husband Antonio Gana Murder And Case Timeline

Annamaria Gana is a lawbreaker condemned to 40 years in prison in the wake of killing her better half in 2011 with a gun before her kids. The sad story of how Annamaria killed her better half, Antonio, on Mother’s Day in 2011 is told in Investigation Discovery’s Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death: Mother’s Day Murder.

Is Annamaria Gana Still In Jail? The jury sentenced 43-year-old Annamaria of first-degree murder and two includes of endeavored murder in April 2013. Moreover, they found that she had participated in the uncommon demonstration of killing somebody while pausing and the respectability of the different charges connected with utilizing a gun that brought about death and extreme mischief.

The situation of homicide by ready to pounce was dispensed with, and Annamaria’s first-degree murder conviction was downsized to second-degree in June 2013. She said she was embarrassed about her activities and did this out of fury and melancholy.

Annamaria Gana Murdered Husband Antonio Gana And Tried To Kill Her Sons As Well On May 8, 2011, Annamaria celebrated moms day with her kids. The family was together and living it up. She then went to her space to unwind. Afterward, specialists found that she had taken out a weapon and shot one round into the roof. The children and Antonio rushed to see what had occurred.

Annamaria then, at that point, started shooting at Antonio, hitting him in the chest. He was the main individual to enter the room. Then, Annamaria shot Tony in the arm when she pursued the kids as they ran. Some way or another he figured out how to escape the house to dial 911.

While she was attempting to shoot herself in the head, Alfonso held onto the weapon from his mom. However, the shot just brushed her neck. Then Alfonso took the weapon and escaped outside. At the point when police found Annamaria with Antonio, she was still and centered far away. She owned up to shooting Antonio subsequent to being squeezed by a delegate sheriff.

Where Could Annamaria Gana Now be? Records show that Annamaria is as yet confined at the California Institution for Women in Chino, Riverside County. In 2036, she’ll be qualified for parole. Her activities were baseless, yet she uncovered her ailments made her insane to perpetrate such a terrible wrongdoing.

At Annamaria’s 2013 preliminary, the guard contended that she had experienced ridiculousness, psychosis, and wretchedness because of her disease treatment. Annamaria required a twofold mastectomy in the wake of getting a bosom disease determination in 2010. She was getting radiation and chemotherapy as a feature of her therapy.

Also, she took prescriptions to assist her with dozing. Annamaria owned up to the police that their bombed business had been the most ideal justification for her new pressure. She understood that she had been examining self destruction for half a month and planned to kill her family prior to ending her own life.

Antonio Potenciano Gana was a resigned armed force veteran who served in the military for very nearly 10 years. Moreover, he stood firm on the foothold of General Manager at the island country’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Antonio and Annamaria originally ran into each other in 1991 while working in the Philippines.

Tony and Alfonso were several’s two children. After Antonio resigned, the family migrated to Tustin, California, at some point around 2007. They purchased an establishment for an UPS mail focus there, filling in as their essential pay source.

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