Is Cam Newton Married With Kids or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Cam Newton has never been hitched yet he has been sincerely connected to various ladies, including Angela Simmons, Ciara, Shakia Delegate, Rubi Rose, and La Reina Shaw.

Out of these, we can affirm that Delegate is his ex and Shaw, his ongoing accomplice. The previous is the mother of four of his natural youngsters: Picked Sebastian, Sovereign-Dior Cambella, Camidas Lover, and Cashmere Holy person. Delegate likewise has a girl from a past relationship named Shakira and Cam views her as his.

Cam and Shaw have one youngster together, a child named Caesar Lorenzo. Aside from Ceaser, Reina Shaw has one more child from a past relationship named Jaden and Cam likewise considers him as a part of his youngsters. So on the whole, he’s a dad of seven and a pleased one at that.

1. Shakira Proctor

  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: February 17th, 2007
  • Age: 16 Years Old

2. Chosen Newton

  • Full Name: Chosen Sebastian Newton
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: December 24th, 2015
  • Age: 7 Years Old

3. Sovereign-Dior Newton

  • Full Name: Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: February 3rd, 2017
  • Age: 6 Years Old

4. Camidas Newton

  • Full Name: Camidas Swain Newton
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: July 6th, 2018
  • Age: 4 Years Old

5. Cashmere Newton

  • Full Name: Cashmere Saint Newton
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: September 30, 2019
  • Age: 3 Years Old

1. Jaden Shaw

  • Date of Birth: February 18, 2006
  • Age: 17 Years Old

2. Caesar Lorenzo Newton

  • Date of Birth: July 4, 2019
  • Age: 3 Years Old

On Father’s Day of 2020, the Atlanta-born American football quarterback imparted an image to his children as a whole, alongside a remark that communicates what being a dad involves.

As indicated by him, not generally characterized as the man makes the kid however the one who stretches out his hand and time to assist with bringing up the children.

Cam Newton Doesn’t Have a Spouse and Has Never Been Hitched One of the best players in the NFL, Cameron Jerrell Newton’s tremendous achievements as an expert competitor has charmed him to enthusiasts of the game who stay aware of his own life however much they follow his vocation. One region of his own life that has been gigantically investigated is his adoration life, with many individuals contemplating whether he is hitched. The NFL star doesn’t have a spouse, however he is a family man. He began building his family with Shakia Delegate.


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Before plainly she was the man in his life, it was supposed in 2011 that Cam Newton was involved with Ciara and Angela Simmons, this was never affirmed in any significant way.

Why Cam Newton settled on dwelling together as opposed to getting hitched isn’t something he has imparted to people in general.

In any case, as brought up, he needn’t bother with to be hitched to be a decent good example for his children. The only thing that is important is assuming he is a serious dad and from what we are familiar him, it probably won’t be inappropriate to declare that nothing means a lot to him than being a decent dad.

He Dated Shakia Delegate From 2013 to Late 2019 As opposed to what many could have closed, Cam Newton and Kia Delegate never got hitched, they just had an involved acquaintance and lived respectively for a really long time with the children they had before they separated.

It is difficult to tell how the two became hopelessly enamored, yet reports have it that they started dating at some point in 2013. Everything being equal, whenever they first were seen all together out in the open was at the year’s Kentucky Derby Celebration. They supposedly met before that year at the DC Arena Club where Kia functioned as a stripper.

At the point when it began flowing that the two were sweethearts, they strived to get the relationship far from according to people in general yet as the relationship advanced, it became hard for them to keep it hidden. As far as we could possibly know, the initial time the American football player tended to his relationship with Shakia Delegate was the point at which they had their most memorable kid together. The NFL star was eager to the point that he took Twitter to declare the introduction of the youngster on Christmas night before 2015.

In the years that followed, their relationship apparently got more serious however in spite of the gigantic consideration they got, because of Cam’s profession takes advantage of, the previous couple avoided the spotlight however much they could. As they invited more children, individuals started conjecturing that the two are pursuing making their relationship formal.

It was reputed in a quarters that Cam and Kia were wanting to get hitched yet neither of the two affirmed this.

Offering an uncommon remark on his affection life, the NFL quarterback related in a 2018 meeting on Win big or bust, a television narrative series, that he was not considering getting hitched.

As of the time Cam Newton and Shakia Delegate headed out in different directions, they had four children together and share a sum of five youngsters.

Before the NFL player and Shakia Delegate became hopelessly enamored and begun dating, she had a girl named Shakira Delegate from a past relationship.

The organic dad of Shakira is yet to be uncovered yet Cam Newton thinks about her as his most memorable youngster.

At the point when she commended her birthday in 2017, he portrayed her thusly, relating that he was frightened the main day Shakira called him daddy.

As per the quarterback, when he mulled over everything, he felt regarded that Shakira didn’t see him just as a male figure in her life yet additionally as a mentor. As far as he might be concerned, it is compensating that Shakira views him as her dad despite the fact that he isn’t hitched to her mom. In light of that, the NFL star declared that nobody can perceive him that she isn’t his little girl.


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The first of the four youngsters that Cam Newton and his ex Shakia Delegate had together, Picked is the principal organic offspring of Newton and Delegate’s second.

The previous couple invited him about two years into their relationship, unequivocally on the 24th of December 2015. Cam, who became a dad interestingly, was excited with the introduction of Picked. He declared his appearance on Twitter and later composed the youngster a letter on The Players’ Tribune. He in that spouted about Picked while sharing some life examples he had learned. Altogether, the NFL quarterback related that he appreciates being a dad to Picked and Shakira who were the main children he had then.

Scarcely two years after they had their most memorable kid together, the popular expert football player and Shakia Delegate invited the second of their four children, a girl named Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton. Born on the third of February 2017, Sovereign-Dior is the second organic little girl of Delegate and Cam’s first.

Like her other full-kin, Sovereign-Dior is as yet a kid with a ton of growing up to do. Thusly, it is just common that much isn’t been aware of her beyond the way that she is the girl of a popular dad.


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While Camidas is the third natural youngster and second child of Cam Newton, he is the fourth organic kid and second child of his ex-accomplice, Shakia Delegate.

He was born in under eighteen months after the previous couple invited their second kid together; definitively on the sixth of July 2018.

A year and two months after Cam Newton and Shakia Delegate invited their third kid together, they invited their fourth and named him Cashmere Holy person Newton.

Cashmere is the fourth organic kid and third child of the NFL star, however the fifth youngster and third child of the previous stripper. He was born on the 30th of September 2019.

Newton and Delegate may presently not be a couple yet from their virtual entertainment pages, one could perceive that they love and value their kids to such an extent.

They are partial to sharing wonderful photos of the children online with inspiring subtitles.

Cam Newton and Shakia Delegate Separated On the grounds that He Went behind Her Back with His Ongoing Sweetheart Considering that Cam and Shakia had four children together without being hitched and had constructed a mixed family, what individuals expect was reports of them getting hitched.

In opposition to that, it arose that they headed out in different directions which left a many individuals considering what has been going on with their adoration.

Actually 2019, Cam Newton and Shakia Delegate were clearly as of now not together.


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Albeit none of the pair emerged to declare a separation, they have not been spotted together thus, not, in actuality, nor via online entertainment. Assuming there were any questions about the situation with their relationship, it has been cleared by the way that they have both totally deleted each other from their web-based entertainment pages.

At the point when Shakia Delegate acquainted their fourth youngster with the world in October 2019, what she shared on Instagram was a solitary photograph of herself holding the newborn.

Prior in May, she and Cam declared on the stage that they were anticipating the kid. While individuals were at first confounded about what was happening, it is presently accepted that the relationship imploded on the grounds that the NFL player went behind Shakia’s back with the lady he is right now dating, La Reina Shaw.

The Ex-darlings are As of now In Court Over Care and Paternity Issues It is presumably worth bringing up that Cam Newton, in the previously mentioned letter he kept in touch with his most memorable child in 2015, alluded to the chance of leaving Shakia.

He expressed in the graceful letter that he is inclined to shameful way of behaving and approached the youngster to take care of his mom and kin assuming he leaves.  This doesn’t presumably have anything to do with what occurred. At any rate, the last time the previous couple stood out as truly newsworthy, it was said that they were in court over the paternity of the children.

Albeit the NFL star has consistently acknowledged his paternity of the multitude of children, marking their introduction to the world endorsements and intentionally paying kid support, it was accounted for that he for reasons unknown, needed to demonstrate the validity of their paternity through a DNA test.

Furthermore, he believed the court should determine the sum he ought to pay in kid support and too award him joint guardianship of the children.

From what we accumulated, Shakia Delegate definitely approved of the DNA test as long as Cam pays for it. After Cam recorded a guardianship suit against Shakia, she countersued him, asking that the youngster support he pays be increased to relate with Cam’s pay. She likewise requested medical advantages, extra security for the youngsters, as well as her attorney and master expenses.


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It was accounted for that she was fighting that she had been out of a task since she had needed to attendant and care for their children in the six years she dated the football player.

Moreso, she needs essential care of the kids since she expects to get back to her old neighborhood (Maryland), having moved out of Cam Newton’s loft.

This was obviously an issue for the previous sweethearts as the NFL star means to stay in his old neighborhood, Georgia.

Meet La Reina Shaw, Cam Newton’s Ongoing Sweetheart Right on time in 2020, reports broke that Cam Newton has deserted his long-lasting sweetheart and taken up another adoration.

The report which exuded from Sports Tattle indicated that Newton is as of now dating an Instagram model named La Reina Shaw with whom he as of now has a kid.

As indicated by the games VIP media source, Cam and Reina had the supposed child over the late spring of 2019. The report additionally uncovers that for simple availability, Shaw is living in a loft straight above Cam Newton’s Atlanta café, Fellaship. The supposed lovebirds apparently observed New Year’s Eve together.

The IG model apparently affirmed this with a photograph she posted from Cam’s eatery. As well as being an Instagram model, La Reina Shaw portrays herself as an imaginative chief, brand envoy, wellness devotee, and Culinarian. She is likewise the proprietor of XVIII Swim, a style and gems organization generally known for its swimwear.

How she met and went gaga for Cam is yet to be unveiled. They have likewise kept their relationship tranquil and away from according to people in general.


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The NFL Player Offers Two Children With La Reina Shaw The quarterback has one organic kid with the Instagram model, a child named Caesar Lorenzo.

Aside from Ceaser, there is likewise Jaden, the primary offspring of Reina. Some time before Cam Newton met La Reina Shaw, she had been a mother. She has a child from a past relationship named Jaden Shaw who is a teen as of this composition.  Jaden was born on the eighteenth of February 2006 and his organic dad isn’t known to general society.

However, taking everything into account, Jaden is his child. For his purposes, blood doesn’t necessarily commit to bringing up a kid is the only thing that is in any way important.

Caesar is the lone kid that Cam Newton and his ongoing sweetheart La Reina Shaw have together. He is many times mixed up as the most youthful offspring of the football player yet he was born around two months before Cashmere Holy person Newton, the last offspring of Newton and his ex, Shakia Delegate.